EVS equipment to be used extensively for World Cup coverage

EVS equipment and staff will play a key role during coverage of the World Cup in Germany this year.

For production of World Cup live matches on location, equipment will be used to provide pre-match analysis, replay, halftime and end-of-game highlights, clip compilation, feed creation and an archive of iso angles.

All of the interesting action from every iso camera during the 64 games will be archived in HD on an EVS XFile[2]. In total at the stadium venues, 67 XT[2] servers and 14 XFile[2] storage devices will be employed under the control of 14 IP directors across a network linked with 13 Xhub[2]s.

At the International Broadcast Center in Munich, EVS equipment will be used by the host broadcaster for production to playout of features on the “EBIF show,” which starts 30 minutes before kickoff and finishes 30 minutes after final the whistle of each game. This turnkey program will include more than 500 specially produced features and will demand multiple feeds from the stadiums, interview turnarounds, halftime analysis and post-game analysis with highlights and voiceovers for multilingual features production.

The equipment also will be used for a highlights package of the current game, available as a continuous loop, and capture of video still frames for FIFA Web site updates and for SMS delivery to mobile subscribers.

In addition, a further 18 XT[2] servers and 10 XFile[2] will act as a central media server controlled by 62 IP directors. This will hold the all World Cup content (1600 hours in IMX40) produced by the host broadcaster.

For more information, visit: www.evs.tv. For more information, visit www.evs.tv.

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