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Everyone's an expert at NAB

The 2004 NAB convention was, by most standards, the best in years. Believing that the spring show would be good, Broadcast Engineering contracted for a range of writers and support staff to cover the convention. Some of the experts and engineers we hired are regular writers for this magazine, others are those with previous experience in reviewing technology for Broadcast Engineering.

This special NAB Replay package of coverage encompasses several hundred booth and staff visits during the show, hundreds of new product releases and more man-hours that I can calculate. One result is that we've ended up with way more content than space to present it here.

Web exclusive

Because space constraints made it necessary to limit what we could present from our writers, what you see here is just a good start. But wait, there's more.

We've repackaged each reporter's copy in its full length for Web presentation. To see the full-length articles, just go to the magazine Web site, I'd like to thank our reporters and judges for all their hard work (see the list at the end of this article).

Meanwhile, don't miss this year's Pick Hits. The top 40 products and technologies shown at this year's show — all selected by readers like you.

In addition, we've got hundreds of new products just a page turn away, so what are you waiting for? Read on!

NAB Replay contributors and judges

Craig Birkmaier
Steven Blumenfeld
Jim Boston
Philip J. Cianci
David Danto
Tim Davis
John Luff
C. Jason Mancebo
Don Markley
Tom Patrick McAuliffe
Brian Murray
Garry M. Paxinos
Dan Stark
Bob Turner
Richard Wood