Eesti Television replaces VHS tape-based monitoring processes

Eesti Television’s new monitoring system gives users fast navigation capability, ratings views and export-to-file functionality.
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Estonia’s Eesti Television, the owner and operator of Estonian TV (ETV), has revamped its facilities in the city of Tallin. The station was looking to modernize processes that were increasingly becoming outdated in this location. In particular, Eesti Television’s monitoring processes relied on VHS recorders and tape.

The company solved this problem by installing a new 10-channel desktop video monitoring solution. It selected the Volicon Observer system, one of the first file-based applications in which the station invested, for more efficient station recording and archiving, monitoring of different channels in the newsroom and ratings analysis.

The Volicon system replaces the labor-intensive, tape-based system, giving users fast navigation capability, ratings views and export-to-file functionality. The Observer also provides ETV with the ability to associate ratings with station content; analyze specified programming during a given time period; navigate a whole month of video content; and to burn, by request, recorded video date and time to exported video.

The station plans to implement the system for remote monitoring of channel content and has already put the Observer to the test with a wireless remote broadcast of its morning program from Tallinn Botanic Gardens. The Observer allowed engineers working remotely to use the closest Internet-connected computer to view the video, identify a problem signal and correct it.

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