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DTV update

NAB marks the start of the broadcast year. It all begins and ends in Las Vegas. Much like when the new models roll out in Detroit, each year the eager flock to the NAB show to see the newest fixes for their digital problems. To help you in your search, we continue our look at the products making their debut on this year's showroom floor.


16×9 Abakus HD “Stadium”:
Offers a 170-degree horizontal view and a full 210-degree diagonal angle of view in 16:9; also features controlled distortion; ideal for opening shots at stadium events.
818-972-2839; fax: 818-972-2832;
Booth: L11368 Circle (275) on Free Info Card


2netFX/Helius multicast transmission system:
System gives users the ability to deliver, store and play back MPEG video and graphics; Helius components and software will be integrated into 2netFX's ThunderCast IP server, which manages and streams MPEG video on Ethernet-based networks; Helius' broadband satellite IP routers, gateway devices and storage products enable the integrated — system to bridge the “last-mile” gap for on-premise delivery; connected to a dish and the customer's network, a Helius router can receive content sent by satellite and store, cache or play it back on a networked PC using the 2netFX Stream Rider Player.
408-232-1600; fax: 408-232-1601;; 888-764-9020; fax: 801-764-9022
Booth: E6424, E5545 Circle (276) on Free Info Card


Accom WSD/HD digital disk recorder:
High definition was designed for electronic film, graphics/effects, and editing applications in a networked, multiuser, multiformat environment; system can record/play SD/601 digital as well as HD formats, including 24p, on a clip-by-clip basis.
650-328-3818; fax: 650-327-2511;
Booth: S4806 Circle (277) on Free Info Card


Accuweather Galileo:
Weather forecast production system offers 32-bit animated graphics in either static or animated 2D or 3D formats; new integrated user interface automates the process of building a weather show and generates on-screen graphics as a user edits scenes; features animated surface maps that use key frames and a choice of static or time-animated contour lines on maps; also features pan and zoom to allow users to pinpoint specific areas with a DMA in a forecast; system has live background video capability, and the ability to output on-air presentations as Web pages.
800-566-6606; 814-237-0309; fax: 814-235-8609;
Booth: i5949 Circle (278) on Free Info Card


Acoustical Solutions AlphaSorb:
Can be installed as lay-in ceiling tiles or may be integrated into wall or ceiling systems; available in factory finished or unfinished wood; available in 1 1/16-inch or 2 1/16-inch thick with NRC ratings of .80 to 1.00.
800-782-5742; 804-346-8350; fax: 804-346-8808;
Booth: L6218 Circle (279) on Free Info Card


ADC DTVision:
Digital signal analysis and testing system features linear performance graphs, allowing users to view system amplitude and group delay characteristics so changes in RF system performance can be identified and corrected; nonlinear performance graphs show variations in phase and gain as a function of the RF envelope.
530-265-1000; fax: 530-265-1010;
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ADC Visionary:
Offers enhanced performance with the addition of LDMOS driver amplifiers and Marconi plug-in IOTs; provides power levels up to 180kW on average; uses ADC's DSP-based DT2B modulator and Adaptive Digital Equalization, which continually tracks and corrects linear and nonlinear distortions.
530-265-1000; fax: 530-265-1010;
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Adherent AD973/974:
973 provides single stream monitoring in a 1U chassis; 974 offers monitoring of up to eight streams in a 4U package; web-based GUI enables broadcast status to be check from any remote location.
+44 1223 200 700; fax: +44 1223 200 701;
Booth: (Sencore) L417 Circle (282) on Free Info Card


Features two channels of HD-SDI I/O; can key HD stills from memory over live video, capture to print HD images, capture and output HD stills; offers mixer/keyer functions, split screen and genlock; features additional Photoshop and PowerCG plug-ins for editing and creating HD stills and slates.
800-251-4224; fax: 530-274-9442;
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Allen Osborne Associates Hilomast NK.9:
Mast raises to 30 feet and retracts to only 7.4 inches; mountable on any vehicle either inside or outside; mast is able to go into any underhang or garage; weighs 40 pounds, so that an engineer can also put it inside of the vehicle for security.
805-495-8420; fax: 805-373-6067;
Booth: L9772 Circle (284) on Free Info Card


Angenieux Extreme Tele Zoom:
Delivers a focal range of 40×11 to provide camera operators with a high degree of versatility and coverage capabilities; features the longest focal length available with low ramping: F440mm (1 degree) at f/4 and F880mm (1/2 degree) with a 2× extender; offers high-resolution optics; digital performance features a wide variety of zoom modes and focus servo controls.
973-812-3858; fax 973-812-9050;
Booth L9046 Circle (285) on Free Info Card


Anton/Bauer Hytron 100:
Capable of operating HD cameras for over two hours and typical camcorders for up to four hours; charges on any Anton/Bauer charger; offers a two year warranty.
203-929-1100; fax: 203-9299935;
Booth L7030 Circle (286) on Free Info Card


Anton/Bauer Ultralight System:
New accessories include a 20W HMI head module that turns any Ultralight2 into an on-camera fill light; UL-Softbox attaches to any head module for cinema-style soft lighting effects; Premier Shooters Package contains all accessories to meet every shooting and lighting situation: extra head modules, wide angle and daylight filters, wide selection of gels with a quick change holder.
203-929-1100; fax: 203-9299935;
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Aphex Systems Model 1100:
Discrete Class-A tube mic pre-amp features integral 24-bit 96kHz A/D converters, MicLim peak limiter and LoCaF low-frequency cancellation filter handles rumble and wind blast overload.
818-767-2929; fax: 818-767-2641:
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Applied Digital ADedit MPEG-2 Segmenter:
Editor allows users to browse an MPEG-2 file and trim or remove segments without having to uncompress the material; system performs frame-accurate edits on I, P or B frames in long GOP MPEG-2 format; allows users to prepare EDLs so edits can be performed with another nonlinear editor if desired.
352-338-0516; fax: 352-338-1108;
Booth: L10452 Circle (289) on Free Info Card


Applied Magic ScreenPlay:
Offers new software and standard storage capacity of 60GB; users can add titles, including outline, drop shadow and character extrusion; also enables the creation of transitions and special effects, including interpolated slow motion; other features include color correction and full-screen auto white balance; 16:9 DV output setting allows for capture and output in 16:9; DV scene change detection splits captured footage automatically based upon markers in the DV stream.
888-624-4255; 760-931-6417; fax: 760-931-6440;
Booth: S4142 Circle (290) on Free Info Card


APT Rio:
1U box offers enhanced audio quality, reduced delay, improved reliability and full backward compatibility with the NXL 384A and 384D and the DSM X21; features one X21 mainline and one X21 as backup, ensuring that in the event of main line failure it will automatically switch back up.
+44 28 9037 1110; fax: +44 28 9037 1137;
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Aspen Electronics Chunk 100 (CHK-100):
Battery system was designed with an emphasis on rugged, high-battery capacity and flexibility; can supply up to 100W of continuous power with three optional configurations; standard 14.4 unregulated voltage output is for ENG/EFP cameras and other voltage regulated field equipment; optional regulated 12V and 5VDC outputs are available.
714-379-2515; fax: 714-379-2517;
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Audio Specialties Group/Systems Wireless HME System 800:
Provides for full-duplex communications at distances up to half a mile; interfaces to any two-, three- or four-wire intercom systems; optional two-channel upgrade.
800-542-3332; 703-471-7887; fax: 703-437-1107;
Booth: R2763 Circle (293) on Free Info Card


Audio Technologies Incorporated DM200:
Accepts look-thru AES/EBU format digital audio data via 110W XLR and 75W BNC and RCA connectors; 24-bit, 96kHz D/A converter feeds stereo headphone drivers, balanced audio line outputs and a stereo LED meter; input sample rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 82.2 and 96kHz are decoded and indicated with a front panel display; a data “valid” light indicates that there have been no data or transmission errors.
800-959-0307; fax 215-443-0394;
Booth L4414 Circle (294) on Free Info Card


Audio-Technica AT815ST, AT835ST:
Designed to capture high-quality stereo field audio in the most demanding situations; compact, rugged, lightweight and feature independent line cardioid and figure-of-eight condenser elements; three position mode switch allows selection of a non-matrixed M-S mode and two internally matrixed left/right stereo modes.
330-686-2600; fax: 330-686-0719;
Booth R2647 Circle (295) on Free Info Card


Avica FilmStore:
Employs Avica's Digital Media Platform featuring compression and encryption independent hardware and software; can be used as a standalone playback device or in a server configuration; load-in, playlist creation, management and maintenance functions, including disk drive replacement can all be accomplished without interrupting playback.
800-706-0077; fax: 310-450-5353;
Booth S3869 Circle (296) on Free Info Card


Avid NewsCutter XP 2.0:
New release offers full support for Avid Unity for News, including MediaManager and TransferManager; allows user to edit while recording; features auto voice over, which allows one keystroke set-up for voiceovers; Script-based In/Out allows the insertion or deletion of word changing the timing of edits; Send to playback lets you keep editing while moving a story to AirSPACE or another playback server.
800-949-AVID; fax: 978-640-1366; (opens in new tab)
Booth M8318 Circle (297) on Free Info Card


Avid Unity for News:
Provides a shared storage and networked environment for iNEWS, NewsCutter and AirSPACE technologies; also feature MediaManager and TransferManager, which provide critical capabilities for finding and moving media assets with the click of a mouse.
800-949-AVID; fax: 978-640-1366; (opens in new tab)
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AVS MultiBrowse:
Entry-level, standalone browse system supporting four lines of both audio and video feed; allows up to 25 users to simultaneously access and browse incoming and outgoing feeds from their desktop PC or workstation; user has range of viewing, marking and control functions available; operators are able to switch between inputs, view all four sources at once, mark In and Out timecode sections of video stream and produce shot lists for reference or editing.
801-975-9799; fax: 801-975-0970;
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Axon Synapse:
System is high density, offering 18 cards in 4RU; offers flexible remote control capabilities, Ethernet-based remote control interface; is Internet enabled and receives updates of firmware through Internet connection; allows full monitoring of all parameters, audio level control and channel swapping.
+31 13511 6666; fax: +31 13 511 4151;
Booth L1541 Circle (300) on Free Info Card


BarcoNet Rosa 3.0:
Features a quick, efficient, user-friendly solution for managing all network elements by a single, vendor independent management system.
800-992-5016; fax: 770-590-3610;
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Belden 9451D:
Addition to Belden's audio cabling line features two twisted pairs with 22AWG tinned copper conductors and polyolefin insulation; cable conductors are color-coded red and black; easy termination via an aluminum-polyester Beldfoil shield bonded to the jacket, featuring a 22AWG drain wire inside the shield; each pair has a PVC jacket and is joined in a Siamese construction.
800-BELDEN1; 765-983-5200; fax: 765-983-5294;
Booth: L8783 Circle (302) on Free Info Card


Calrec Audio Alpha 100
Fifth-generation Calrec desk features assignable digital control surface providing 48 multitrack/matrix outputs, 20 auxiliary buses, eight audio groups and four main outputs — each of which can function as mono, stereo or surround; all desk functions are saved to snapshots and full-system reset is achieved without audio interruption.
+44 1422 842 159; fax: +44 1422 845 244;
Booth R2569 Circle (303) on Free Info Card


Canon DT-50/SDI:
Latest version of its Canobeam line allows full-bandwidth wireless transmission of a wide variety of digital video signals; system is ideal for transmitting sports events and news over 2km with a direct line of sight; sets up quickly and requires no license or frequency allocation.
800-321-4388; fax: 201-816-2909;
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Cases Plus TC2000 Series:
Designed with extra emphasis on strength, style and comfort; outer shell is high density thermofoamed polyethylene plastic giving it chemical resistance and high durability; a gasket in valance seal between the body and the top of the case closure seals out water, salt air and dust; equipped with wheels and telescoping handles.
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Chyron Aprisa family:
Robust new 4RU hardware design includes redundant, hot swap power supplies and front loading, removable SCSI drives with RAID 0, 3, or 5 options; CG Playback Option plays back rolls, crawls, and flipbooks in an independent frame buffer that can be layered with key over the clip playback; Web Streaming Option streams out the entire DDR program buffer in Real G2 or ASF formats.
888 4 CHYRON; fax: 631-845-3867;
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Ciprico 2Gb JBOD
Expands real-time performance to 200MB/s per disk array; upgradable from 1Gb to 2Gb solution with a lower performance parity rate.
800-727-4669; fax: 763-551-4002;
Booth M8336 Circle (307) on Free Info Card


Communications Specialties Deuce MC:
Converts standard TV video to high-resolution, non-interlaced video with a user-selectable motion compensation feature that can be set based on the specific input source image; also features three scaled output resolutions, standard line doubling and quadrupling outputs, composite, S-Video and YcbCr component inputs and RGB or YcbCr component outputs plus an RS-232 remote.
631-273-0404; fax: 631-273-1638;
Booth M8767 Circle (308) on Free Info Card


Compix Video CG:
Comes complete with a high-quality and high-capacity PC ; standalone turnkey systems are available with standard studio industrial strength rackmount cases; systems are compatible with composite video, S-Video or component video formats; all systems feature Alpha Key — 256 level linear key out.
310-320-8937; fax: 310-320-8938;
Booth S2847 Circle (309) on Free Info Card


Crispin WebAgent:
Interfaces with Crispin's database, AssetBase; checks video servers and other resources to make sure they're online and available; gathers information on the server, material ID, comment and duration from these devices if available; generates dublists for Crispin's Dubber 2000 module; takes translated traffic files from AssetBase to generate discrepancy reports and gathering typical traffic log information; can only be used in conjunction with AssetBase.
919-845-7744; fax: 919-845-7766;
Booth: L12568 Circle (310) on Free Info Card


Crystal Vision Safire:
Allows users to make fine adjustments for optimized edges, shadow processing, internal and external masks, and linear key, mix and wipe modes; features a 266mm × 100mm board, which fits into Crystal Vision's standard interface frames, allowing six chroma keyers in 1U or 12 in 2U.
+44 1223 506 515; fax: +44 1223 506 514;
Booth: L116 Circle (311) on Free Info Card


DataDirect Networks Pay as you Grow:
New program launched across the company's SAN appliance family supplies users with higher levels of capacity in increments on an as-needed basis; the first level of the plan is the SAN directION SAN appliance, which provides for the requirements of small workgroups and clusters; users can move from this system to the larger SAN DataDirector SAN appliance configurations according to the amount of storage they need; SAN appliance hardware and software needed for future applications can be installed now, and the user can pay only for the part of the configuration actually in service.
800-322-4744; 818-700-7600; fax: 818-700-7601;
Booth: S5319 Circle (312) on Free Info Card


da Vinci Gallery:
Resolution-independent image server used in conjunction with 2K Color Enhancement System's internal frame store; allows colorist to compare, wipe and mix images in the frame store or live images with those in the Gallery; another feature is 10-bit log over HD I/O for data transport of RGB 16×9 images in real time.
919-845-7744; fax: 919-845-7766;
Booth: L6406 Circle (313) on Free Info Card


dB Technologies M*AD-824:
24-bit 96kHz module provides dB's dB*44-96 multichannel conversion system, which supports four slots for M*series modules; module is used with a M*Sync-1 clocking module, which provides internal and external word clock or AES sync capabilities for the M*AD-824; clocking module supports 44.1-, 48-, 88.2- or 96kHz, plus varispeed rates.
323-845-1155; fax: 323-845-1170;
Booth: R2855 Circle (314) on Free Info Card


DCM/Autocue WinCue family:
WinCueTx, WinCueNews; and WinCueNet form an integrated software family that provides flexible, innovative and seamless solutions for transmission facilities, production offices and newsrooms; new features include cuts-only video editing, desktop edit facilities, a variety of web interfaces, prompter integration, and extended automation event handling.
704-377-1496; fax 704-377-6336;
Booth L12158 Circle (315) on Free Info Card


Dielectric Communications Deltalite:
Broadband, low-windload UHF panel antenna for the load conscious broadcaster; simple proven feed system design offers a high level of reliability.
866-DIELECTRIC; fax: 207-655-7120;
Booth L1429 Circle (316) on Free Info Card


Digigram miXart:
Based on Motorola's PowerPC processor; includes scalable PCI cards with multiple analog and digital signal paths with on-board processing; other features include customizable editing and mixing software that can be integrated into the user's application, as well as an SDK for additional development; now available with eight analog input/output paths, four studio-quality microphone preamps and MIDI.
703-875-9100; fax: 703-875-9161;
Booth: R2773 Circle (317) on Free Info Card


Discreet Edit 6:
Advances support of jobnet, Discreet's NT based, real — time workgroup SAN solution to enable sharing of media assts; offers embedded content creation, encoding and web streaming capabilities with support for QuickTime, Windows Media Player and RealNetworks codecs.
800-869-3504; fax: 800-305-6442;
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Dolby Laboratories DP583:
Accepts all Dolby E and Dolby Digital frame and data rates, as well as PCM inputs and provides an output that has been reframed to match local plant reference; also allows post facilities to record Dolby E streams to non-video recorders, such as 20-bit DAT.
800-33-DOLBY; fax: 415-863-1373;
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Doty Moore Antenna services:
New turnkey service for the procurement and installation of antenna systems; Doty Moore provides technical specifications, tower analysis tower modification, transmission line and antenna installation.
972-5560-9500; fax: 972-293-1255;
Booth: L12611 Circle (320) on Free Info Card


Editing Technology Corp. ETC! FSC 1000:
New Windows version of the system; the server-based system can be used to replace videotape cart systems; new Windows interface offers familiar Windows features to facilitate user operation; users can sequence segments containing multiple elements, load them directly onto the server, name the clips or elements to be played and assign them a mode and length of play.
818-840-1101; fax: 818-556-3973;
Booth: L1269 Circle (321) on Free Info Card


Encoda Paradigm Program Control module:
Encoda is offering the control module for the first time in an application service provider (ASP) environment for broadcast station groups and multichannel cable networks; allows users to manage programming assets, staff, content, material and related expenses from a notebook computer.
303-237-4000; fax: 303-237-0085;
Booth: L12220 Circle (322) on Free Info Card


Enseo DVinci:
Provides video and graphics mixing capabilities, including transparent graphics and hardware-assisted rolls and crawls.
888-478-2687; 972-234-2513; fax: 972-680-7144;
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Ergo 2000 CSD-15VA:
Fold-over design enables the unit to hold a 15-inch monitor, 101-key keyboard and a trackball in 3RU of vertical space and only 20 inches of depth; this configuration allows users to incorporate KVM switches, power conditioners and other accessories behind them; users can toggle between live video, computer signal and antenna feed.
800-635-9297; 714-992-0874; fax: 714-992-2131;
Booth: L414 Circle (324) on Free Info Card


Euphonix E-Deck:
E-deck allows users to access audio files of mixes from anywhere in the world via a secure server and personal computer; Listen-In feature enables real-time remote monitoring of live studio sessions through a PC; application is optimized for a range of connection speeds; playback is via PCM stereo at rates up to 24-bit/96kHz, with 24-bit/96kHz surround mixes available.
818-766-1666; fax: 818-766-3401;
Booth: R3005 Circle (325) on Free Info Card


Evertz 2405 series:
Wavelength conversion capability allows cost-effective wavelength conversion (eg 1313nm<>1550nm) to be accomplished in a single module, allowing compatibility between incoming/outgoing feeds and native system wavelengths.
905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573;
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Extron 300D:
Features user-selectable levels of horizontal and vertical filtering, high levels of color bit depth and autoscanning technology; capable of autoscanning images up to 1600×1280 resolution at 100kHz horizontal and 120Hz vertical frequency; RS-232 controllable with SIS and RGBS/HV as well as component, S-Video and composite video.
800-633-9876; fax: 714-491-1517;
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Extron SVS 100:
Four input, one output video switcher offers seamless switching, switching effects, picture controls, audio switching, user presets, vertical blanking and genlock capability; NTSC and PAL compatible, offers two composite and one S-Video outputs.
800-633-9876; fax: 714-491-1517;
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EZ FX Jib and Handle:
User-friendly jib arm is lightweight, portable and easy to set up; wide range of camera movement created by the jib produces smooth floating camera shots and simulated dolly moves.
407-877-2335; fax: 407-877-6603;
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Faraday Technology Remote Cable Clone:
New version of Faraday's Cable Clone can be remotely controlled via an RS 232 interface; allows users to automatically switch between various lengths of simulated cable, rather than actually switching manually between different lengths of cable to test for the crash point of digital equipment; system allows for repeatability in the field.
+44 1782 661 501; fax: +44 1782 630 101;
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Fast Sales US InTime Option:
Rendering technology for accelerating even extremely complex compositing; six additional processors enhance the system to provide parallel processing power for either FAST's silver or purple NLE systems.
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Fiber Options RingMaster:
Self-healing, field selectable systems has floating master capability, in which one module must function as a master for control purposes so that if power fails, the system can continue to function; can be configured as point-to-point, drop-and-insert, or self-healing ring configuration; an 18dB optical budget for long-distance performance is standard.
800-342-3748; fax: 516-567-8322;
Booth S4166 Circle (332) on Free Info Card


Florical Systems NewsClipper:
Enables low-resolution desktop editing of raw news footage, saving time and expense; provides either cuts-only edited master high-resolution files or air or and EDL for use with any Avid, Sony or other editor using CMX EDLs.
352-372-8326; fax: 352-375-0859;
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FOCUS Enhancements (formerly Videonics) Distance DV:
Carries DV signals over distances of 10 to 50M; comprised of a single IEEE-1394-compatible cable with proprietary filter and equalizer that reduces noise and signal attenuation; cables available in 10, 20 and 50 meter lengths and each ships with locking four to six pin adapters.
800-338-3348; fax: 408-866-4859;
Booth S5309 Circle (334) on Free Info Card


Folsom ScreenPro Plus:
Integrated package simplifies system interconnections, setup and control for presentations with up to three screens; features an intuitive user interface and a modular internal design; allows operators to select from up to sixteen universal inputs accepting composite video, s-video, component video, and computer video sources (640×480 VGA to 1600×1200 UXGA); system supports fourteen transition effects, including dissolves, wipes, cuts, and fade.
888-414-SCAN; 916-859-2500; fax: 916-859-2515;
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For-A digiWarp-EX:
Simple, cost-effective virtual studio system with 2048 × 2048 pixel, high-resolution background that allows no picture deterioration during zooms; easy system setup and breakdown for increased mobility when changing studio locations; auto defocus background in response to camera zoom.
212-861-2758; fax: 212-861-2793;
Booth: L8612 Circle (336) on Free Info Card


Fortel DTV DAS-441:
I/Os include two stereo pairs of balanced analog audio and two AES pairs of unbalanced digital audio; digital I/O uses 75-OHM BNC connectors for ease of installation; reference quality 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion at 96kHz for the analog I/Os ensures maximum transparency; maximum I/O levels are +28dBu.
800-530-5542; fax: 404-885-1501;
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Fujinon XA87× lenses:
offer 87× magnification ideal for sports shooting and other applications where extreme close-ups and high-image quality are critical; lenses feature focal lengths up to 2300mm; XA87 series is available with an optional integrated image stabilizer.
800-553-6611; fax: 973-633-5216;
Booth L8739 Circle (338) on Free Info Card


Fujinon Image Stabilizer:
Compatible with most of Fujinon's existing field lenses.
800-553-6611; fax: 973-633-5216;
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Gepco 5596GFC Series:
Next-generation 110W AES/EBU digital audio multi-pair cable is designed for both superior electrical and mechanical performance; highly accurate for transmission of all formats of AES3 digital audio, including 24-bit, 96kHz; features an extended 12.3MHz bandwidth, ultra-low attenuation and jitter, mechanical stability and a 110W impedance.
800-966-0069; fax 847-795-8770;
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Grass Valley Group Encore:
An open, scalable solution for facility control provides centralized and distributed router and machine control, remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities and signal-integrity analysis to expand the capabilities of their LAN, Wan and video networks, thus maximizing signal management infrastructure investments; design will enable tighter integration with automation systems, third-party routers and other equipment, system promotes greater inter- and intra-facility integration.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755;
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Grass Valley Group Concerto, Tempo and Bravo:
Each series offers a flexible, future proof design for a variety of applications — from multiscreen presentations to video and audio over broadband networks to traditional television-related uses; Concerto series features FlexFrame technology to enable format mixing within a single frame while supporting SD and HD video signals, AES/EBU digital audio; Tempo series offers FlexPoint technology that lets users configure 34 ports as I/Os; Bravo series provides entry-level series of fixed configuration utility routers.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755;
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Grass Valley Group Vibrint Digital News Production System:
PC-based software solution includes FeedClip, and interactive feed capture system, NewsEdit, a nonlinear editing system, and NewsQ, a low-cost playback application; provides native MPEG, DV and DVCPRO support and data throughput rates of up to 50Mb/s.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755;
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Grass Valley Group Vibrint/Profile platform:
new platform technology utilizing the Vibrint Digital News Production Workgroup system and a new version of the Profile XP Media Platform for production; together, the products provide flexible, end-to-end support of both DVCPRO- and MPEG-based news production environments; system incorporates the Grass Valley MAN real-time shared storage option for the Profile XP Media Platform and the Profile Network Archive partial file restore software; compliant with the Grass Valley Group's ContentShare software platform for media asset management to allow integration with third-party systems such as VNI News Tracker and Avid's iNews Media Browse.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755;
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Hamlet ADEPT:
DV-ready, entry-level, multiformat-capable, measuring set provides S-Video and composite and component 625/525 multistandard measurement and monitoring capability; SDI and Firewire are optional inputs; waveform and vectorscope displays of signals are depicted as familiar composite or component traces and output to any composite or S-Video monitor.
+44 0500 625 525; fax: +44 1494 791 283;
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Harris FlexiCoder:
Software application that replaces the GUI on the FlexiCoder chassis used for operation and control; enables broadcasters to remotely configure and control their Harris encoder as well as their ATSC satellite decoder (Harris NETplus) and ATM/IP communications link (Harris LINKplus); also enables the encoding system to be linked to the Harris Broadcast Manager.
800-622-0022; fax: 513-459-3890;
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Henry Engineering DigiStor II:
Solid state digital audio recorder that can store up to 16 minutes of audio with a bandwidth of 7kHz; can record from a microphone or line level source; supports multiple play modes and features full remote control capability.
626355-3656; fax: 626-355-0077;
Booth R2132 Circle (347) on Free Info Card


Horita SVS-50:
Self-contained video system that outputs standby full/SMPTE color bars with a source ID video overlay whenever a loss of normal video is detected; overlay can be up to nine lines or 20 characters each and can include a time and date display.
949-489-0240; fax: 949-489-0242;
Booth L9773 Circle (348) on Free Info Card


IBIS SprinTx:
Integrates seamlessly with servers and newsroom computer systems from all major manufacturers and uses MOS protocols to ensure that the playout module can automatically be updated with any changes to the transmission schedules.
+44 1458 851150; fax: +44 1458 851170;
Booth L11520 Circle (349) on Free Info Card


Imagine Products MacTEP V7.0 and V8.0:
New versions feature compatibility with Apple's Final Cut Pro editor and OS 9.1 compliance; Final Cut Pro file export enables users to select and transfer logged shots for batch digitizing; HTML publishing feature allows for simple posting to the Web and offers the ability to save logs to searchable CDs; V8.0 adds Auto Capture Technology features allowing multifile searching of subdirectories or of the entire hard drive.
317-843-0706; fax: 317-843-0807;
Booth: i6755 Circle (350) on Free Info Card


Inscriber LIVE!RTX:
Includes development tools for the creation of custom information channels that combing streams of dynamic data with video; provides live titling solutions any application and features robust and flexible video clip playback, a simplified programming interface and sophisticated layering of active graphics, digital clips and background video.
800-363-3400; fax: 519-570-9140;
Booth S4832 Circle (351) on Free Info Card


Irdeto Access CypherCast:
IP/Internet digital conditional access solution allows the broadcast of up to 1000 individual multicast streams arrayed in up to 100 distinct program services for as many as 250,000 subscribers in a local viewing area; on the receive end, content can be accessed and decrypted through secure smartcard technology.
+31 23 556 2222; fax: +31 23 556 2240;
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Itelco 50kW UHF:
Features an exclusive exciter system, a patented Switch Mode Beam Power Supply and the Itelco Supervisory System for remote monitoring and control; will accept IOT output devices from any major manufacturer; very small footprint.
303-464-8000; fax: 303-464-8770;
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Innovation TK Millennium Machine 70mm gate/4K high-speed data option:
New option for ITK's Millennium telecine enables 4K data transfers; users can now transfer both 65mm and 70mm film formats, including large formats like the 15-perf; same features are available when working with the 70mm format, including the same zooms, pans and rotates, as well as video processing with the same real-time aperture and primary and secondary color corrections.
+44-1992-553533; fax: +44-1992-558979;
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K5600 Joker-Bug 800:
Comparable to a 3200/4000W quartz fixture but with a power draw of only about 12.5Amps; small quiet ballast can be easily hidden and greatly reduces the risk of overloading any circuit.
800-662-5756; fax: 818-762-6629;
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Keyvia Key-MediaWorks Asset Management System 1.3:
Complete environment for managing broadcast digital assets by combining asset management, recording automation, proxy browsing and marking into a scalable client/server architecture; LAN-based PC workstation are able to browse and mark digital assets under configuration using a frame-accurate, low-res proxy.
514-876-2855; fax: 514-876-3664;
Booth: M10226 Circle (356) on Free Info Card


Kings Electronics 7760 Series Fibre-Cam Tri-Loc:
Hybrid fiber optic/electrical connector meets SMPTE 304M electrical and optical performance requirement; features field serviceable fiber optic terminations, polarized key mating and Kings Tri-Loc style connector body; design features direct crimp on outer cable braid, internal strength member, and power and audio contacts.
888-909-5551; 803-909-5000; fax: 803-909-5092;
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Knox Video Chameleon 256:
Matrix can be expanded in multiples of 32 from 32×32 to 256×256 by inserting audio or video cards into a 12U rackframe; audio and video frames are linked together via serial cable; audio-follows-video or audio can be routed separately; internal milspec power supply is 110V/230V auto-sensing; command options including SALVO, batch and strings are available via RS232 or the optional front panel controller; serial protocol is simple ASCII.
301-840-5805; fax: 301-840-2946;
Booth: L9054 Circle (358) on Free Info Card


Ktech Telecommunications VSB-ENC-200:
Modulates MPEG-2 transport stream into an 8VSB signal using linear and nonlinear pre-correction techniques; accepts SMPTE-310 or DVB-ASI @19.392Mb/s transport stream inputs and produces a 44MHz IF 8VB signal at output.
818-361-2248; fax: 818-270-2010;
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Leader Instruments LT 442D:
Provides two SDI outputs conforming to SMPTE 292M and eight channels of embedded AES/EBU digital audio in compliance with SMPTE 299M; six channels of AES/EBU digital audio are available in stereo pairs from three dedicated BNC connectors; generator genlocks to tri-level sync as well as NTSC or PAL black burst and offers advance/delay settings of up to ±100 lines and ±1100 pixels in one-pixel increments; analog outputs include tri-level sync, horizontal and vertical drive.
800-645-5104; 714-527-9300; fax: 714-527-7490;
Booth: L8777 Circle (360) on Free Info Card


LeCroy Waverunner-2 series:
Two- and four-channel digital oscilloscopes feature 350- to 500MHz bandwidth, a sampling rate of 1- to 4GS/s, memory up to 8Mpts, and WavePilot and QuickZoom for easy access to signal measurements; units also feature an Advanced Trigger Package offering runt and slew rate triggering.
800-553-2769; 914-425-2000; fax: 914-578-5985;
Booth: S3312 Circle (361) on Free Info Card


Leitch NewsFlash II
Nonlinear editor is fully integrated with Leitch's VR Technology servers; suite includes BrowseCutter's journalist workstations and access to archival media using DVD archiving.
800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-4088;
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Litton Electronic Devices L-4299
Constant Efficiency Amplifier:
Next-gen high-power tubes for UHF; operates a peak powers up to 120kW, offers high efficiency in comparison to standard IOT when operated in digital services.
800-861-1UHF; fax: 570-326-2903;
Booth: L6119 Circle (363) on Free Info Card


Logic Innovations IPE:
Supports SNMP, the IPE and Transport Stream Multiplexer, allowing data management and control from the broadcasters network management of choice; designed for encapsulation Internet data into an MPEG transport stream for broadcasting across satellite, cable and terrestrial networks.
888-34-LOGIC; fax: 619-455-7273;
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Logitek Route3:
Rack-mounted controller for Logitek's Audio Engine offers full input selection control for three devices with a simple, easy-to-learn interface, same labels that display on any Logitek control surface are displayed in the units Route3 LCD window.
713-664-4470; fax: 713-664-4479;
Booth: R2147 Circle (365) on Free Info Card


Magni Systems SDM-560 Monitor:
Serial digital /composite video and audio monitor provides efficient monitoring of 601, composite video and audio; features routable displays, embedded audio decoding and metering, auto-measurement, alarming, reporting and complete remote control.
800-237-5964; fax: 503-615-1999;
Booth L11373 Circle (366) on Free Info Card


Marconi Applied Technologies IOTD3100W:
Capable of 110kW peak digital or 55=5.5kW combined analog amplification, this plug-in IOT offers ease of installation and high-performance.
800-342-5338; fax: 914-592-5148;
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Media 100 iFinish 4 PowerGrade series:
Allows web-designers to develop high-quality interactive digital media content for Windows 2000; enables the embedding of interactive instruction directly into streaming media programs to trigger visual, content rich capabilities, including Java, Flash and graphics.
800-773-1770 ; fax: 508-624-9384;
Booth: I6511 Circle (368) on Free Info Card


MedioStream MediaPRO-XLT:
Interface to legacy systems with input of composite video, analog or AES/EBU audio, SDI or ASI; offers laptop docking module for input and output interfaces; output can be either MPEG-2 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 formats; real-time encoded events can also be transcoded into Windows Media, Real G2 and Quicktime formats.
408-452-5500; fax: 408-452-5522;
Booth: E5845 Circle (369) on Free Info Card


Micro Communications Wideband Channel Combiner:
Provides high-power channel combining in multichannel sites where channels are spread across a wide frequency range; meets the requirements of installations running at high ERPs.
800-545-0608; 603-624-4351; fax: 603-624-4822;
Booth: L8768 Circle (370) on Free Info Card


Miller Camera Support HD 100 tripod:
Lightweight, two-stage carbon fibre system offers Quick-Lok vertical leg clamping, slip carry handle and variable mid-level spreader.
973-857-8300; fax: 973-857-8188; www.millertripods
Booth: L10773 Circle (371) on Free Info Card


Features a complete range of models for signal formats that include analog and digital video, analog and digital audio, HD SDI (SMPTE 292M), RS-422, and the popular datcom formats.
514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828;
Booth: L8632 Circle (372) on Free Info Card


Modulation Sciences Precision Frequency Measurement Panel:
Provides NTSC and 8VSB frequency measurement for television carriers; measures local or off the air frequencies to an accuracy approaching one part in a billion.
800-826-2603; 732-302-3090; fax: 732-302-0206;
Booth: L4416 Circle (373) on Free Info Card


Neutrik BNC75:
Offers a push-pull version that makes assembly quick and simple and requires a standard center contact crimp die after cable preparation; includes screw lock cable retention with superior pull strength provided by the jacket.
732-901-9488; fax: 732-901-9608;
Booth 11636 Circle (374) on Free Info Card


Newtec America SIT ODU:
Features integrated 30GHz/12GHz or 30GHz/20GHz design compatible with DVB-RCS; available in 0.5, 1 or 2 watts; return channel is up to 2Mb/s with antenna sizes 60 to 90cm.
203-323-0042; fax: 203-323-8406;
Booth: T550 Circle (375) on Free Info Card


Nucomm Microwave V Stream:
STL featuring 8VSB modulation; offers digital signal monitoring with SMPTE 310 and ASI digital interfaces.
800-9-NUCOMM; 908-852-3700; fax: 908-813-0399;
Booth: L3854 Circle (376) on Free Info Card


Omneon Video Network Networked Content Server System with FAST's purple:
Omneon and FAST Multimedia AG have integrated FAST's purple DV editing system to Omneon's platform; the platform's open, standards-based infrastructure serves multiple applications; the integrated system utilizes 1394 I/O with FAST's purple, the I/O serving as an edge device allowing direct transfers to a common file system.
408-585-5000; fax: 408-585-5090;
Booth: L529 Circle (377) on Free Info Card


Opticomm DVX-5000 System
Universal multimedia digital transport system for distribution over wide area networks including PAL, NTSC and SECAM for multichannel QAM or VSB signals; offers transmission signals for the transport of digitized video, audio and control data signals over single-mode fiber; uncompressed 10-bit serial digital video system at 143, 177, 270, 360, 540 and 622Mb/s data route is free of adjustment over a wide dynamic range; digital signal offers receiver output stability not affected by the fiber, attenuation, aging, splicing or other factors;.
858-450-0143; fax: 858-450-0155;
Booth: S3047 Circle (378) on Free Info Card


Orad Hi-Tec Systems DVG-10:
PC-based system for virtual sets, on-air graphic and sports simulations; features high performance 3D graphics.
212-931-6723; fax: 212-931-6730;
Booth: S5332 Circle (379) on Free Info Card


Orad Hi-Tec Systems Forum:
Records and plays on six channels concurrently; features slow motion, video effects, and editing and control using the Elefant remote control; offers provisions for networked operations for use in sports productions.
212-931-6723; fax: 212-931-6730;
Booth: S5332 Circle (380) on Free Info Card


Oxtel Easytext:
Integrated option to the Imagestore master control and channel branding system; can render static or scrolling characters over custom backgrounds; uses text fed directly via multisession automation; combination of Easytext with Imagestore allows a squeeze and reveal program schedule to be played out, combining a DVE transition with text insertion direct from a playlist.
+44 1491 820 000; fax: +44 1491 820 001;
Booth: L147 Circle (381) on Free Info Card


Panasonic Broadcast AJ-HDC27A:
30frames/s to 60frames/s, dual-frame-rate, progressive-scan (720p) DVCPRO HD camcorder is based on a newly developed 1.1-million-pixel, 2/3-inch, three-CCD IT imaging system; offers a sensitivity of f/11 at 2000lux; provides 46 minutes of recording, two channels of 16-bit/48kHz digital audio, power consumption of 30W, and uses standard, 2/3-inch bayonet lenses; HD-DSI output enables full-color live and tape playback; 8MB multimedia card stores camera setups.
800-528-8601; 323-436-3500; fax: 323-436-3660;
Booth: L7020 Circle (382) on Free Info Card


Panasonic AJ-CA910:
Adapter increases audio channels of Panasonic's AJ-D910WA and AJ-D900WA 50Mb/s DVCPRO50 camcorders from two channels to four; features an LED audio level indication, audio level volume and phantom power supply (+48dB), as well as two inputs/outputs.
800-528-8601; 323-436-3500; fax: 323-436-3660;
Booth: L7020 Circle (383) on Free Info Card


Panasonic AW-SW300:
Live/non-live video switcher features four inputs, either composite or s-video; powered by AC or 12 volt DC; also features a built-in frame synchronizer, black-burst output and a variety of basic wipes; other features include a super impose key and intercom/tally capabilities.
800-528-8601; 323-436-3500; fax: 323-436-3660;
Booth: L7020 Circle (384) on Free Info Card


ParkerVision PVTV Studio NEWS:
System features integrated video, audio, machine, camera and teleprompter functions; operators can control the system from a one- or two-operator station, available in Digital 16, Digital 24 and Digital 24 Plus! Systems; several package options available, several including ParkerVision's three-CCD robotic pan/tilt cameras and multicamera controllers.
800-532-8034; fax: 904-731-0958;
Booth L541 Circle (385) on Free Info Card


PESA Switching Systems Cougar HD/SD:
Supports either HDTV or SDI input and output cards; can be configured as 4×4 or expanded up to 32×32 capacity.
800-328-1008; 631-845-5020; fax: 631-845-5023;
Booth: L8757 Circle (386) on Free Info Card


Philips Broadcast Seraph:
Includes full range switchers from one mix effects band up to four; HD formats include 1080i, 720p, and 24p.
800-962-4287; fax: 818-729-7710; (opens in new tab)
Booth 5010 Circle (387) on Free Info Card


Philips Broadcast DD35:
Now has HD/SD SimulCast networking production; simultaneous SD and HD production from a single switcher panel; up to eight M/Es with intelligent access; internal DVE and RAM storage capability including 2D DVE effects in 3D space as well as up to 32 seconds of video clip storage and/or still store applications.
800-962-4287; fax: 818-729-7710; (opens in new tab)
Booth 5010 Circle (388) on Free Info Card


Pinnacle Systems DVEXcel:
New frame-based DVE offers choice of one, two, three or four channels, each with video and key and three separate DVE engines; features include deep defocus and chroma keying and new effects.
650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601; (opens in new tab)
Booth: L11327 Circle (389) on Free Info Card


Pixel Instruments VS-5200:
Offers multiformat inputs and outputs and a built-in heterodyne TBC; provides selectable inputs in serial digital, composite analog, component analog and Y/C, as well as simultaneous outputs in the same formats; the system's DDO pulse output is used to control the audio delay of the AD-300 for automatic lip sync correction.
408-871-1975; fax: 408-871-1976;
Booth: L430 Circle (390) on Free Info Card


Pro/Four Video Products 2000RP:
Remote positioning equipment features an onboard digital receiver, including control, power and video, and new “true balance” load balancing system; also features a new optical encoder closed-loop servo control design, which insures preset positioning accuracy as fine as one arc minute; unit is intended for use with cameras weighing up to 35 pounds.
813-447-6389; 800-457-8130; fax: 813-447-5166;
Booth: S4062 Circle (391) on Free Info Card


Upgrade to QCPWIN prompter program; operates in a Windows95/98NT environment; features spell check, hard copy and support for thousands of scalable True Type fonts; system is multilingual; inserts error marks while scrolling; operates on a laptop or desktop; no preview screen is needed.
212-460-9050; fax: 212-328-1699;
Booth: L12158 Circle (392) on Free Info Card


Quantel Clipbox Studio:
Offers access to video clips and stills for studio programming; provides resizing and re-aspecting capabilities for each output through internal 2D DVEs; this feature allows for windowed over-the-shoulder style presentation; internal mixers provide cross-fade capabilities between channels and on-board key combiners allow for live compositing of foreground over background.
203-656-3100; fax: 203-656-3459;
Booth: L11520 Circle (393) on Free Info Card


Radamec HD Scenario:
Offers an upgrade path for Virtual Scenario users to move SD virtual studios to HD; utilizes high-definition inputs/outputs; processes real-time high definition or standard definition upconverted background video and key into its background and foreground; features an HD chromakeyer and HD still store; can be operated manually or robotically.
877-RADAMEC; 732-246-0906; fax: 732-448-1184;
Booth: L1441 Circle (394) on Free Info Card


RCI Custom Products Electro Luminescent series:
Lightweight electronic identifier for video monitors and flat panel displays; offers three standard lighting colors; features a wide range of options for font selection and text size; EL technology provides a long-life method of back lighting.
301-984-2202; fax: 301-984-9473;
Booth: M9824, M9825 Circle (395) on Free Info Card


RFS Broadcast RD Series:
Designed for the digital NTSC/DTV market; wideband (100MHz), low VSWR, low wind load; allows use of a single UHF TV antenna for multichannel NTSC/DTV applications; features include single or dual option, power rating up to 200kW NTSC and top-or-side-mount configuration.
203-239-3311; 203-239-9260;
Booth: L9528 Circle (396) on Free Info Card


RF Technology ACL-Series:
Link is analog, digital-ready or digital, available in a 2- to 16GHz frequency range; systems can be configured for QPSK, 16QAM or COFDM for transmission of ATSC/HDTV, DS3, E3, E2, E1 or T1; interfaces include G.703, SMPTE-310M and DVB-ASI; features protected/diversity terminals with errorless changeover, adaptive equalization and multiplex equipment; ACL also supports the transmission of analog video and up to six audio subcarriers.
800-762-4369; 203-866-4283; fax: 203-853-3513;
Booth: L12549 Circle (397) on Free Info Card


Richardson Electronics Syntax Media Systems:
Multimedia nonlinear editing system is based on third-party editing software; system is tested and configured by Syntax Media Systems and assembled by Richardson Electronics to offer a step-by-step process to deliver video programs either to CD-ROM or the Internet.
800-348-5580; 630-208-2200; fax: 630-208-2550;
Booth: L6122, R2325 Circle (398) on Free Info Card


Rohde & Schwarz EFA:
Enhancements to the EFA product family handle digital 8VSB and analog System “M” modulation, as well as US cable; systems demodulate digital formats to MPEG-2 transport at SMPTE 310 or ASI serial interfaces; System “M” is demodulated to baseband video/audio; demodulators utilize a measurement grade RF front end.
301-459-8800; fax: 301-459-2810;
Booth: L5750 Circle (399) on Free Info Card


Ross Video CDK 111:
Single DA-sized card provides video mixing, keyer with built-in animated logo storage and frame synchronizers for every input; other features include full preview, program bypass relay and automation port.
613-652-4886; fax: 613-652-4425;
Booth: L11639 Circle (400) on Free Info Card


Research Technology International EXCEL 2000:
Motion picture film cleaning system developed by Lipsner-Smith Company for applications where a solvent-based cleaning system is not required; removes dirt and contamination from film using four molded polymer rollers, before passing film through eight softnap rotary buffers with environmentally safe fluids.
800-323-7520; 847-677-3000;
fax: 847-677-1311;
Booth: L7045 Circle (401) on Free Info Card


Sabre Communications guyed and self-supporting towers:
Sabre provides parts and accessories for towers, monopoles and HF antennas regardless of original manufacturer; other services include structural analysis of any tower, turnkey site construction, tower inspections and project management.
800-369-6690; 712-258-6690; fax: 712-258-8250;
Booth: L1412 Circle (402) on Free Info Card


SADiE Portia:
Eliminates the need for a VTR in track laying and dubbing in post production; system allows video to be recorded into a normal SADiE EDL and accessed with the audio; video appears as a dedicated stream in the EDL so video and audio can be scrubbed simultaneously.
615-327-1140; fax: 615-327-1699;
Booth: E5935 Circle (403) on Free Info Card


SAV Kronoss:
Offers real-time positioning, rotation and resizing; features simultaneous video and audio, AES/EBU digital and analog audio in/out with fade, and an additional built-in keyer for external sources.
33 1 53 38 22-00; fax: 33 1 42 40 47 80;
Booth: L436 Circle (404) on Free Info Card


Scientific-Atlanta PowerVu BitMizer:
Offers high-density grooming and MQAM modulator; provides end-to-end solution for cable headends.
770-903-5000; fax: 770-903-4617;
Booth: i7246 Circle (405) on Free Info Card


Scopus (formerly Tadiran Scopus) CODICO E-1700:
Features built-in modulator to allow for encoding and modulation in one unit.
858-618-1600; fax: 858-618-1615;
Booth: S5372 Circle (406) on Free Info Card


SeaChange International Broadcast MediaCluster 1230/50:
Server system scales from a cluster of three computer servers to larger clusters with dozens of I/Os and terabytes of storage for use in mid-sized to large-scale broadcast operations; can store more than 4.2TB of video; supports up to 42 I/Os delivering 30Mb/s MPEG-2 4:2:2 long-GOP video, with two 24-bit uncompressed AES audio channels each.
978-897-0100; fax: 978-897-0132;
Booth: L917 Circle (407) on Free Info Card


Sennheiser Electronics Sensory Compact:
Offers 32 mic/line inputs and eight line-only inputs feeding 32 patchable input channels; each channel includes a digitally controlled preamp, a low-cut filter and a gate/expander, as well as four bands of fully-parametric equalization and a four-digit label display; 12 busses mix down to three masters: L/R-mono, LCR or user-defined arrangements; the unit also has 16 matrix outputs with full digital processing.
860-434-9190; fax: 860-434-1759;
Booth: R2253 Circle (408) on Free Info Card


Shook Advantage Series A-16 EFP:
Custom 24-foot truck contains Ikegami HL-45WBT 16:9-4:3 cameras and monitors, as well as a Grass Valley Group 1200 SDI switcher and Sony DNW-500 Digital VCRs; also contains Leitch terminal hardware and router system; other equipment includes Soundcraft audio, STI IFB and Telex intercom.
888-651-5775; 210-651-5700; fax: 210-651-5220;
Booth: OD306 Circle (409) on Free Info Card


Sierra Video Systems Yosemite:
Available in 3RU 64×64, 4RU 96×96 and 5RU 128×128 matrix sizes; module filters audio stream inputs at any rate through its internal sample rate converter and converts to the desired output sample rate; also features optional “bypass mode,” which allows the input synchronizing circuit to be bypassed for non-AES/EBU signals.
530-478-1000; fax: 530-478-1105;
Booth: L3750 Circle (410) on Free Info Card


Sierra Video Systems DigiLinx:
Converters contain two identical stereo 24-bit A/D and D/A converters; analog end accepts full differential audio, while the digital end supports either AES or SPIF formats; analog-to-digital converter operates either locked to an external AES audio stream or free-running via a stable internal oscillator with selectable sample rates; AES-to-analog converter uses the same PLL technology to lock to the input digital audio stream.
530-478-1000; fax: 530-478-1105;
Booth: L3750 Circle (411) on Free Info Card


Sigma Electronics SDX:
Detects the loss of a video source into Sigma's routing switchers and automatically switches to a preselected alternate source; panel is user programmable and occupies 2RU.
717-569-2681; fax: 717-569-4056;
Booth: L12639 Circle (412) on Free Info Card


Silicon Graphics Zx10 Visual Workstation:
Features two new video-enabled configurations; PCI video option supports uncompressed 10-bit YUV and 8-bit RGB (with alpha) SD video input/output; digital media solution offers SGI's exclusive Graphics to Video output with Wildcat 4210VIO graphics; options will be available as a bundled solution with two different configurations.
650-960-1980; 800-800-7441 fax: 650-933-0819;
Booth: S4132 Circle (413) on Free Info Card


Silicon Graphics SGI StudioCentral Library 3.0:
Flexible, scalable system provides immediate access to storing, securing and managing digital assets including versioned/non-versioned text files and streaming media; can be used as a single workstation or multiple workgroups; provides StudioCentral server functionality from any platform.
650-960-1980; 800-800-7441 fax: 650-933-0819;
Booth: S4132 Circle (414) on Free Info Card


Silicon Graphics SGI Onyx3000:
New HD/SD option supports HD uncompressed video in and out with real-time colorspace conversion; the system with the option supports HD 10-bit RGB or 10-bit YUV and SD 10-bit RGB or 10-bit YUV; also provides application support for 2k × 2k 24fps and is OpenML-compatible.
650-960-1980; 800-800-7441 fax: 650-933-0819;
Booth: S4132 Circle (415) on Free Info Card


Snell & Wilcox Premier HD5500 PhC:
10-bit motion-compensated device upconverts 525/625 SD video signals to HDTV 1.48Gb/s output formats; utilizes Ph.C, proprietary motion compensation technology; supports field rate standards conversion as part of the upconversion process — for example, 525/60 to 1080i/50.
408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800;
Booth: L10428 Circle (416) on Free Info Card


Solid State Logic Axiom-MT, V2.7:
New software for Axiom-MT features automatic mix latency management through the Mix Align feature; also offers choice of four EQ algorithms and ability to globally cycle through aux pages for quick interrogation of channel auxes.; displays all channel inserts on the central screen; system allows inserts, multitrack outputs, EQ and dynamics presets to be cleared or routed individually or in an incremental range.
212-315-1111; fax: 212-315-0251;
Booth: R2515 Circle (417) on Free Info Card


Sonic Solutions DVD Fusion for Windows:
Integrated DVD production system features drag and drop authoring, integrated image compositing, and real-time video and audio encoding; also features direct-to-DVD writing, a text generator and a timeline-based user interface; the system supports eight audio streams and 32 subtitles; provides control of Sonic's studio-quality MPEG-2 real-time video encoder.
888-Sonic-4U; 415-893-8000; fax: 415-893-8008;
Booth: S4826 Circle (418) on Free Info Card


Sony MUS-2000:
The MUS-2000 is part of the MUP-2000 series content management networked system; provides multiaccess capability with high-speed file transfer rates and 288GB capacity; features RAID-5 HDD technology providing a self-diagnostics function and auto data recovery; other features include hot-swappable HDDs and backup power supply.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752;
Booth: L11600 Circle (419) on Free Info Card


Sony PetaServe/PetaBack V2.00:
Functions between data or video servers; optimized for Sony's PetaSite automated tape libraries and DTF computer tape drives; “middleware” manages disk and tape capacities, automates daily maintenance and volume management; system is SAN ready; Solaris 8 support allows the host installed by the UltraSPARC III processor to use the software.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752;
Booth: L11600 Circle (420) on Free Info Card


Sony DVA-700BSC:
Offers an Instant Authoring function for entry-level users of DVD authoring; converts videotape to high picture quality DVD-Video; DVD-video produced by the system can be used as client copies, automatic repeating displays at stores or for video archives, etc.; system can also be used as a one-pass encoder for DVD authorware.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752;
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Sony MLU-200/MLT-200:
Allows users to store and access production-related information using a non-contact read/write system during the shooting and pre-editing processes; users can check cassette information and cue data on a Tele-File memory label by bringing the reader/writer close to the label; Sony's MLT-200 serves as an interface between the MLU-200 and a PC, and can be used as a battery charger for the MLU-200.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752;
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Sony BVM-F24U CineAlta monitor:
16:9 widescreen flat CRT monitor with a 24-inch viewable area; allows for critical evaluation of e-cinema content, including motion pictures produced in 1080/24p; multihigh scan monitor can display analog RGB and HD-SDI signals at horizontal frequencies of 54- to 90kHz and vertical frequencies of 48- to 75Hz; monitor accepts dual-link 4:4:4 mode HD-SDI signals.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752;
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Spencer Technologies Newstore:
Provides storage for stills, clips, looping backgrounds and animations with linear keys; also stores custom video transitions and audio effects; each channel includes a DVE, linear keyer, and analog and digital input/output; system allows networked graphic files to be converted to video and linear key for key channel synchronization.
818-771-1850; fax: 818-771-1855;
Booth: L9057, L11639 Circle (424) on Free Info Card


Splitstream XPRESS:
Uses cellular technology to transport high speed audio and video at 30fps; multiple cell channels on standard cellular networks are used to transmit video and audio, including wireless, cell phone, DSL, telephone and satellite; signals are compressed and transmitted and then reassembled at the receiving location into a single stream, with buffering, caching and error correction using the XPRESS' Divide/Tag technology.
310 277-3887;
Booth: L6130 Circle (425) on Free Info Card


Staco Energy Products Encore:
The system's power-conditioning feature protects against brownouts, surges, sags, spikes and other power anomalies; fully SNMP capable; includes power management software that provides for remote management of all aspects of power protection; system features external battery packs with independent charters for scalable unlimited runtime, front-access hot-swappable batteries, and voltage regulation incorporating double boost and double buck.
937-253-1191; fax: 937-253-1723;
Booth: L12252, L12253 Circle (426) on Free Info Card


Stagetec Nexus Star:
Features 100MHz twin-switch fabric design; can be configured for up to 4096 I/Os; uses 16 I/O cards, each handling 256 I/Os; in distributed system, additional base devices can be added and connected to the Nexus Star as needed; provides sample rate conversion over a range of 26K to 52K; fully synchronous system.
+49 951 972 25 25; fax: +49 951 972 25 32;
Booth: R2181 Circle (427) on Free Info Card


Stainless Inc. Fabrication Services:
Stainless' manufacturing facilities are certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction and feature custom, computer-controlled equipment for the manufacture of broadcast towers; fabrication services include metallurgical analysis, certified welders and continuous testing guarantee.
972-550-9500; fax: 972-550-9595;
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Streaming21 streaming solution:
System allows for the delivery of broadcast quality video and audio streams through global IP networks to interactive set-top boxes; this allows viewers to watch programming when they want rather than having to wait for a pre-programmed broadcast time to watch a limited number of movies; created in conjunction with Neon Technology and Sigma Designs; Streaming21 will contribute carrier-class delivery and a content distribution platform, to which Neon will add their SurfReady set-top box environment, using Sigma Design's decoder chips to allow for easy Internet access and high-quality video.
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Studer On-Air 1000:
Available in versions for analog and digital environments; both versions feature 10-input faders, 20 inputs and two master faders, as well as the Touch’n’Action graphical user interface; settings can be personalized and stored for each operator.
+41 1 870 75 11; fax: +41 1 870 71 34;
Booth: R2125 Circle (430) on Free Info Card


Sundance Digital FastBreak Automation Version 2.0:
Offers robust, scalable and frame-accurate control of video server and other station peripherals in either single or multichannel configurations; operates under Windows 2000; elements can be operator and time-of-day triggered; each may include an unlimited number of secondary events.
972-444-8442; fax: 972-444-8450;
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Superscope Technologies Inc/Marantz PMD690:
Records stereo and mono digital audio using the media of PC cards; also available as the PMD680 mono-only version with a telephone input/output; audio files can be transferred to a computer for editing, archiving or uploading to the Internet; also features multiple compression settings to extend recording times on smaller-capacity PC cards; can record in the MP2 format; also records uncompressed 16-bit PCM digital audio as a Wave or Broadcast Wave file; includes a built-in non-destructive EDL system to allow users to place reference marks and create custom playback sequences.
630-820-4800; fax: 630-820-8103; (opens in new tab)
Booth: R191, R1846, R2929 Circle (432) on Free Info Card


Symetrix 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay:
First in the AirTools family; 24-bit digital delay unit prevents unwanted profanity from reaching the airwaves; the unit delays the program until up to 20 seconds of 20kHz bandwidth stereo audio is stored in memory; if a person on a telephone line says something inappropriate, it can be dumped before it is aired; unit offers additional features, including an automation interface for network broadcasts.
425-787-3222; fax: 425-787-3211;
Booth: R2153 Circle (433) on Free Info Card


Tandberg SM5600:
Offers optional Dynamic Pre-Correction system to protect against potential distortion; distortion is usually prevented by backing signals off from saturation; DPC technology corrects earth station uplink and satellite-based distortions while allowing the system to operate at saturation; the system allows smaller dish sizes and smaller earth station amplifiers to be used.
949-757-0488; fax: 949-757-0489;
Booth: S4859 Circle (434) on Free Info Card


TC Electronics DBMAX V2.60:
New software release for the maximizer features new spectral stereo enhancer insert, an improved automatic gain controller with up to 9.9dB/sec; also features an additional Extra Soft Clipper in the Final Limiter; other features include distortion canceling and input channel swap function to allow right and left channels to be reversed; allows bypass of the input filters.
805-373-1828; fax: 805-379-2648;
Booth: M9639, R2101 Circle (435) on Free Info Card


Tektronix AVDC100:
Provides in-service monitoring and correction of A/V delay errors that occur during compression or other processing; allows user to reliably deliver video of definable quality; uses digital watermarking technology to embed audio time reference signals into video programming near the point of audio/video content creation, so lip-sync error can later be detected and corrected by analyzing the watermark and adjusting the audio delay.
800-835-9433; 503-627-7111; fax: 503-222-1542;
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Tektronix WFM601/WFM601/1700 series:
Waveform monitors measure and monitor baseband video signals.
800-835-9433; 503-627-7111; fax: 503-222-1542;
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Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead:
Fiber optic multiplexer can be mounted on ENG and SNG cameras for remote television production; single optical fiber carries bi-directional signals to and from the camera, including program video and audio, return video and audio, intercom, black burst, tally and camera control data; lightweight tactical fiber increases camera-to-vehicle distance and eliminates grounding problems and signal interference.
508-754-4858; fax: 508-752-1520;
Booth: L9568 Circle (438) on Free Info Card


TeleCast Group/Sandar MF 1500:
2U routing, distribution and changeover system capable or handling SDI, ASI and G703 signals; enables a mix of a matrix, distribution, changeover or switch of signal modules and analog/digital routing; equipped with dual power, N+N redundancy and has RS-232 or RS-422 control.
+47 33 44 72 00; fax: +47 33 44 72 01;
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Telemetrics BOA:
Enables users to connect all the devices required for video production plus power to a control room through a single coax cable connection, rather than multiple cables, video equalizers and frame synchronizers; the BOA uses industry standard input connectors for a camera, monitor, teleprompter and microphone, as well as for a pan/tilt mechanism and a headset/intercom.
800-424-9626; 201-848-9818; fax: 201-848-9819;
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Telescript PRO:
Windows NT/2000-based software works with off-the-shelf hardware to virtually eliminate compatibility problems; offers multiple monitor support to accommodate simultaneous prompting and control operations.
201-767-6733; fax: 201-784-0323;
Booth L11073 Circle (441) on Free Info Card


Telex BTR-800:
Two-channel, fully UHF intercom system; allows two distinct channels of intercom to be accessed by one or more wireless extensions to the intercom system; user synthesized to allow broadcasters to keep intercom systems clear of other wireless equipment; allows users to send a dry line level audio signal at +8dB to a given destination, allowing users to trigger a two-way radio and have audio be routed over it or any closure-activated device.
800-392-3497; 952-884-4051; fax: 952-884-0043;
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Teranex Starfront:
Features intelligent motion-based pixel-by-pixel filtering and automatic handling of the video-based content (30fps) and film-based content (24fps); other features include 3:2 pull-down handling and 32-point interpolation on down-sampling to CIF and QCIF image sizes.
407-517-1086; fax: 407-517-1101;
Booth: E4211 Circle (443) on Free Info Card


Terayon CherryPicker 7000:
System also optimizes bandwidth; statistical re-multiplexing technology allows operators to unbundle and combine compressed streams from a variety of input sources in order to create an output multiplex to deliver customized programming; real-time switching and splicing take place completely in the compressed digital domain; system is capable of changing bit rates from input to output; remote and local video and audio, digital ad insertion, and other operator-provided content can be seamlessly integrated into the digital service.
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Thomcast Communications Ultimate 1kW Digital Transmitter:
Feature solid state and cable-free design, providing the advantage of ease of maintenance and high reliability; also features LDMOS amplifiers, compact design, integrated cooling system and a standby second exciter option.
413-569-0116; fax: 413-569-0679;
Booth L9609 Circle (445) on Free Info Card


Thomson Broadcast/Nextream DBX 4300 Broadmux:
Re-multiplexing solution for Digital Broadcasting Centre and Distribution applications such as DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T; multiplexes up to 26 MPEG-2 single or multiple service transport streams to form a multiple program transport stream.
800-882-1824; 201-569-1650; fax: 201-569-1511;
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Thomson Broadcast Alteo:
Designed for applications from 1.5 M/E to 3.5 M/E; module-based architecture allows operators to combine panels of different sizes to meet their needs; features can be configured “live.”
800-882-1824; 201-569-1650; fax: 201-569-1511;
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Transoft Networks FibreNet 3:
Features a new GUI, optimized security features and administrator controls including global volume sets and useful read/write and mounting options.
800-949-6463; 805-883-4300; fax: 805-883-4387;
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Utah Scientific MAX series:
MAX-MC provides master control automation with enhanced multichannel features and a suite of tools for managing server-based on-air systems; MAX-RX provides event-based automation for playout systems that do not need a master control switcher; MAX-RS offers time-based router automation for repetitive tasks such as recording incoming program feeds and switching outgoing lines.
801-524-9999; fax: 801-524-0555;
Booth: L10452 Circle (449) on Free Info Card


Vela Rapid Access DVD Archiving:
Built around the RapidAccess video server, as well as specialty management software and third-party DVD-RAM library systems, including from JVC and ASACA; compresses material in MPEG-2 digital format and transfers it to rewriteable DVD-RAM disks.
727-507-5300; fax: 727-507-5311;
Booth: L346, M8329 Circle (450) on Free Info Card


Vela DVD-based Archive system:
Automated system offers integrated HSM system; utilizes DVD-RAM to automatically store, manage and retrieve media files with the RapidAccess Video Server.
727-507-5300; fax: 727-507-5311;
Booth: L346, M8329 Circle (451) on Free Info Card


Vertigo Multimedia Producer ON AIR 2.0:
Includes Producer Interactive, an authoring and control tool for interactive TV applications, and Producer Mobile, a system that enables the delivery of content to mobile devices such as wireless phones; cross-media platform automates content delivery.
514-397-0955; 877-483-7844; fax: 514-397-0954;
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Videomagnetics Drum concentricity, TP gauge:
Solid design tool to check tip projection and set upper drum concentricity on BetaCam SP machines.
800-432-3887; fax: 719-3910-1316;
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Video Robotics RoboEFX:
PC-based systems take static images and make pans and tilts of 12" in length; can perform continuous rotation and zooms in real time; selectable speed and ramping achieves smooth, fluid movement.
818-386-0185; fax: 818-386-0195;
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Videotek Uniframe:
System consists of the DL-810U serial digital legalizer, MADA-110U monaural audio distribution amplifier, SADA-205U stereo audio distribution amplifier and UDA-110U video distribution amplifier; DL-810U solves serial digital video gamut correction and legalizing issues, and offers real-time evaluation of the video signal on a pixel-by-pixel basis; distribution amplifiers accept high-impedance balanced or unbalanced inputs, or looping or terminating single inputs, as well as producing identical isolated outputs.
800-800-5719; 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295;
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Virage Video Application
Internet Video Application Platform allows video to be published, managed and distributed as easily as text; supports enterprise-scale deployments of video and provides the user with the necessary infrastructure for seamlessly integrating Internet-ready video into a website or corporate intranet.
650-573-3210; fax: 650-573-3211;
Booth: M10053 Circle (456) on Free Info Card


Visual Matrix MiniXBox-HDU:
Provides aspect ratio controls, advanced filters and digital HDTV outputs; housed in a 2U chassis; features a front panel that has a four-line LCD display providing access to all functions; separate horizontal and vertical filters provide an extra level of control for the elimination of flicker, alias and Moire controls.
818-843-4831; fax: 818-843-6544;
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Vixel 7200:
Reduces the limitations of SCSI or Ethernet-based storage and ensures reliable, high-bandwidth image transfer during the editing and storing process, enabling streaming media solutions to deliver content at maximum speeds.
425-806-5509; fax: 425-806-4050;
Booth L1394 Circle (458) on Free Info Card


Ward-Beck Systems Serialboxx:
A new concept in connectivity; it comprises a versatile rack mounting card frame and a series of plug-in amplifier modules; the various amplifier modules are designed to handle analog and digital video signals; the plug-in models that will debut at NAB 2001 include: serial digital video, AES audio, analog video and analog audio modules.
800-771-2556; 416-335-5999; fax: 416-335-5202;
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Ward-Beck Systems XTM4:
Dual domain, extended range stereo audio meter indicates audio level on both VU and PPM panel meters; phase is indicated on an eight segment led bar graph; analog audio connections are made on rear panel XLRs and/or front panel 1/4-inch TRS jacks; digital audio connections are made on rear panel XLR or BNC connectors and/or a front panel 1/4-inch TRS jack.
800-771-2556; 416-335-5999; fax: 416-335-5202;
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Ward-Beck Systems POD series:
Includes POD 19, an SDI/AES demuxer; POD 20, an SDI re-clocking DA; and POD 21, a 6×1 digital video switcher.
800-771-2556; 416-335-5999; fax: 416-335-5202;
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WaveFrame FrameWorks/DX 3.3:
Features up to 64 channels of 24-bit audio (32 channels at 96-kHz), sophisticated real-time cross fades, automated mixing including 5.1 surround, direct output to CD-R devices or DDP tape, AVI and QuickTime digital video support, AC-3 and DTS encoding options plus DSP plug-in effects and Direct-X support.
510-594-9455; fax: 510-654-8370;
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Weather Central WalkOnWeather:
Patented technology that uses one camera, one key wall and a specially equipped LiveLine Genesis to allow talent to interact in real-time with 3D weather maps and animations for a creative impact on viewers.
608-274-5789; fax: 608-278-2746;
Booth L11651 Circle (463) on Free Info Card


Wegener COMPEL:
Patented network control system that administers receivers both as individual sites and as groups; more than just permissioning a receiver, system issues commands that are accurately synchronized with video and audio programming.
800-848-9467; fax: 770-623-0698;
Booth S3420 Circle (464) on Free Info Card


Wescam 16SS1000:
Features a digital three-CCD color video camera, a Canon lens; nine axes active gyro and passive line of sight stabilization, a 2× motorized focal length extender, switchable 16:9/4:3 formats, digital video outputs, reduced fatigue digital hand controller or console and the Smartlink SID system.
800-668-4355; fax: 905-689-6827;
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Wheatstone AES router network:
System uses high-speed bi-directional fiber optic studio-to-hub links.
252-638-7000; 252-637-1285;
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Whisper Room soundwave deflection system:
Users can attach panels designed to redirect and trap soundwaves to eliminate unwanted reflections and standing waves.
423-585-5827; fax: 423-585-5831;
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Winsted VersaDesk Model E4242:
Ergonomically designed wraparound workstation consists of a 59-inch wide, 30-inch deep curved main desk with a 15-inch deep monitor riser and casters so the desk can be repositioned according to users' needs; two side rack cabinets offer 14U of equipment space.
800-559-6691; 952-944-9050; fax: 952-944-1546;
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Xytech Systems FMS 2000 Version 4.0:
System provides more comprehensive search capabilities and smoother flow in data entry through improved integration between updated Duplication, Vault and Shipping modules; the Scheduling module allows companies to manage the usage of personnel, equipment and conference rooms and quickly view general facility usage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; it also allows tracking of overall usage of resources by clients and projects over time.
818-767-7400; fax: 818-767-7430;
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YEM HDC-2000 and 3000:
Converts from HD analog signals YpbPr to SD-SDI 4:22 signals and SD analog composite signals; responds to four input signal formats: 1080/23.976P, 1080/29.97P, 1080/59.94i and 1080/25.; output signal is 1080/25 at 625/50i (PAL) and 525/59.94i (NTSC); offers 2:3 pulldown processing and three modes of aspect ration conversion: squeeze, letterbox and edge crop.
310-544-9343; fax: 310-544-9363;
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