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Demand for mobile TV is uncertain

Is there a genuine demand for watching television programs on mobile phones?

No, argues a new study that finds that a manufacturer-led rush to bring broadcast services to market misses the critical issues of uncertain demand for mobile TV. Additionally, the study determines that poorly defined costs associated with infrastructure deployment will extend ROI for mobile broadcast networks beyond the currently envisaged two to four years.

The research and consulting firm, Strategy Analytics, makes these findings in a new report titled: “Mobile TV: Hype not Justified by Demand!”

Though services will not launch in Europe and North America until the end of 2006, Mobile TV services, which allow users to watch digital TV channels on their mobile phones, is already the hot industry topic of 2005. Across the globe, numerous trials are being announced to evaluate whether standards and technologies from the world of digital broadcasting can be adapted and married with mobile cellular services for access through converged handheld devices.

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