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CopperHead JT transforms Sony HDC-F950 into lightweight system

Telecast Fiber Systems has unveiled the new CopperHead JT, an HD fiber optic transport system for film sets, television, video production and sports coverage.

The CopperHead JT is being developed as a kit that allows the optical block of the Sony HDC-F950 camera to be connected to the camera body via a lightweight tactical fiber optic cable over distances of up to 9.3mi. With this configuration, camera operators have much greater freedom to focus on creativity, while all engineering control and recording of the full-bandwidth 4:4:4 HD signals are handled from a distance.

In addition to transmitting the basic camera signals via the robust fiber optic link, the CopperHead JT is designed also to transport a variety of other data, video, audio, and communication signals between the camera and the base station. Use of a fiber link rather than bulkier, less durable copper cabling also serves to eliminate all EMI, RFI, crosstalk, ground loops/hum, HF roll-off, and other noise that can affect signal quality.

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