Condo community uses digital signage to create high-end feel

This underwater video hangs in the lobby of the Grovenor House in Coconut Grove, FL.

Looking to sell itself as an upscale condo without paying upscale prices, one condominium company is turning to digital technology to replicate a high-end environment easily and more cost-effectively.

Two Panasonic 65in HD plasma displays appear in a luxury condominium lobby in Coconut Grove, FL. Mounted behind two large portholes cut in a lobby wall of the just-completed $200 million Grovenor House, the plasmas play HD underwater video so lifelike that visitors mistake it for an actual giant-tank aquarium. Colorful fish swim from one porthole to another surrounded by the beautiful corals of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The two video portholes are key elements of the Grovenor lobby's elegant decor designed by the Florentine architect, Michele Bonan, whose recent work includes several luxury hotels for Ferragamo. Bonan and the Grovenor's developer, Ugo Colombo, initially planned to install a huge salt-water aquarium until they realized that HD video would be more beautiful and much easier to maintain. Mill Reef Video was brought in to produce the piece and selected the Panasonic professional plasmas.

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