Chyron Duet turns in all-star performance

Chyron Duets and Lyric graphics gave FOX Sports the look it was after for its production of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game from Detroit

FOX Sports relies upon the Chyron Duet for 3-D graphics during this year’s All-Star Game.

Chyron’s Duet, a 3-D graphics and enhanced motion effects system, made its debut at Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.

With the help of Chyron’s Duet LEX and Duet HyperX, combined with Lyric graphics software, the FOX Sports team was able to use pre-rendered TARGA sequences, animating them on and off the screen with a 3-D feel and 3-D flip.

FOX Sports tracked the motion of a 3-D object so that text matched its path. Then the object was masked out so only the text was visible on air.

Both the Duet LEX and Duet HyperX were used to generate a variety of in-game graphics and 3-D animations including batter lower-third statistics, first-time up factoids, full-screen batter graphics, end-of-inning statistics, due up next teasers and player bios.

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