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BBC transmits live interview via broadband

The Press Gazette in the U.K. reported March 30 that the BBC has used a broadband Internet connection to transmit a live, two-way interview.

Using a laptop, camera and software, BBC Kiev correspondent Helen Fawkes transmitted the live interviews for BBC News 24 and BBC World, the Press Gazette reported.

Fawkes’ application of the technology was one of the first in a plan to outfit BBC bureaus throughout the world with a way to conduct live two-way interviews using the Internet, according to the report.

Quoting BBC head of newsgathering Fan Unsworth, the Press Gazette reported that the BBC has been at work developing technology to gather live video reports from around the world via broadband Internet connection in an effort to reduce costs.

The move is seen as an effort to reduce or eliminate reliance on traditional satellite newsgathering technology.

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