AtomFilms moves toward online studio

San Francisco’s AtomFilms is launching what could be among the first of many new studios dedicated to the production of video for online audiences, the Associated Press reported.

AtomFilms, which already runs a Web site for pre-produced video shorts or clips from independent creators, plans to keep banking on those projects. But with AtomFilms Studio, AP reported, it will finance select projects, investing upfront in the production of original content designed for Internet-based delivery.

The producer has six projects under production already — due for release in the spring —and as many as three-dozen others planned for the studio’s first year, the report said.

Parent company Atom Entertainment plans to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the initiative in 2006, with budgets per project expected to vary widely, AtomFilms’ founder and CEO Mika Salmi told the AP.

The opening of AtomFilms Studio comes as much larger companies have entered the fray, investing in and distributing video over the Internet to a bigger, high-speed Web-connected audience.

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