Wohler Shipping New 3G Audio Monitors

Wohler Technologies has announced that it is now shipping a new 16-channel audio monitor intended for use with 3 Gbps video applications. The AMP1-E16-36 features OLED screen technology and has multirate capability.

“Featuring intuitive interfaces, flexible metering parameters, the latest in display technology, and support for the newest surround format, our new AMP1 audio monitors offer the robust performance required for today's DTV signal chain,” said Kim Templeman-Holmes, vice president of Wohler’s global sales and marketing. “We're pleased to announce shipping of the AMP1-16-3G and AMP1-E16-3G, our first 1RU 16-channel 3G audio/video monitors, and we're confident that broadcasters will find them a convenient solution for their multichannel monitoring needs.”

The new monitor features dual selectable inputs for SD, HD, or 3G video signals and can break out up to 16 channels of embedded audio in each signal being delivered to it. It has three display screens, with two of these able to provide simultaneous monitoring of 16 audio channels with high-resolution audio metering. The screens may also be used to display video, data, setup and configuration information, a “help” function, or operator alerts.