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Despite challenges, Mobile DTV points way to future for television, says Aitken

Mark Aitken, VP of Advanced Technology for the Sinclair Broadcast Group, says the television industry needs to look to the future, and mobile DTV provides an opportunity to do just that.

But many challenges remain. Friction between networks and their affiliates over the right to simulcast network content on mobile DTV channels; the ability of ATSC A/153 to deliver a quality of service that can compete with other wireless sources of content; and whether or not competing mobile DTV camps can work together in the interest of viewers to ensure a hassle-free mobile DTV viewing experience, are among the thorny issues requiring resolution.

In this second of a two-part podcast interview with Aitken, the Sinclair VP of Advanced Technology addresses those issues and others he will discuss on Monday, April 16, during the 2012 NAB Show at a Super Session entitled "Mobile Video and Mobile TV - Beyond YouTube.”

A special note to listeners: Part One of this podcast interview with Aitken is available in the Sound Off section of the Broadcast Engineering website.