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You might not have noticed that TV Technology now has a new look. But looks are only the beginning.

This marks the fourth redesign of TV Technology in its 27 years of existence, and in many ways, this redesign is the boldest yet. This magazine, of course is more than just a physical object you’re holding in your hands. The TV Technology brand encompasses the Web, including online news and opinion, a wide range of e-mail newsletters, webinars, virtual tradeshows, and conferences. And that’s because you, our loyal readers, get your news and information in so many more ways today.

First of all, the look. As television people, we’re visually oriented and this new redesign offers a bolder, sharper look with more and larger graphics, news briefs and variety of content.

And then there’s the Web. Ten years after the last redesign of the magazine, the Web has become an increasingly important resource for all of us and we’ve designed the new look to bring the print publication and online closer together. Every issue from now on will have its own online index (with an easy to remember URL) to provide readers with a source of additional news and information. Want to check out a white paper about a product you read about in these pages? Want a list of all that advanced gear installed in the latest expando that you read about here? Want to see video clips of a program profiled in this issue?

All of the elements mentioned above are offered in this issue in an online index (at—all designed to make it easier to bring you the valuable content you need to help keep you informed, and to foster a closer relationship with our readers. Want even faster updates and more variety of content? Join our growing community on Twitter ( and Facebook ( tvechnology).

And although we’ve redesigned the look, our mission is the same. Broadcast and video production technology has rapidly advanced over the almost three decades of our existence. These pages have chronicled the transition to HD, digital, online, mobile (next up, 3D?) and we’re ready to bring the best our industry has to offer in the coming decades, whether in person, print, or online.

We’re eager to know what you think of our new look! Drop me an email at or share your thoughts online in our forum and blogs.