Free Press Places Help Wanted Ad for FCC Chair

It’s a joke, of sorts.

It’s a joke, of sorts, but Washington advocacy group Free Press has placed an ad in Washington newspapers looking for an FCC chairman.

“This job requires a strong commitment to protecting the open Internet, ensuring fast and affordable Internet access for all Americans, and diversifying media ownership,” the ad says. “Applicant must be willing to hold long and unruly public hearings and enjoy arcane telecom banter. Wardrobe malfunctions, NASCAR wreckage and fleeting expletives are discouraged.

“Public interest background strongly preferred. Industry lobbyists need not apply.”

In an online version, the group invites visitors to vote on three priorities for the next chair, with options including “Protect an open Internet by enforcing Net Neutrality,” "Encourage access to more diverse and independent content on cable networks,” and "Stop propaganda, fake news and radio payola.”