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Composer Bob Daspit's Music Shines in Video for Cleveland Browns Fans

Season Opener Game Features Stunning Music and Graphics Introducing the 2009 Football Team

Los Angeles, CA - October 21, 2009 - Composer Bob Daspit is no stranger to working on music for the big screen, having helped some of the industry's top composers with custom sound design and session guitar work. This time, as the composer, Daspit created his own soundtrack for a truly gigantic visual display. Daspit collaborated with Hi-Ground Media to develop a two-minute piece to introduce the Cleveland Browns football team for the 2009 season that started in September. The Browns and their fans got a mind-blowing team introduction on the 27-foot tall, 94-foot wide screens at each end of the Browns' 73,000-seat stadium. The video screens are the largest in the NFL. Daspit worked alongside the Emmy-Award-winning Creative Director Jayson Won, while Executive Producer Gregg Katano steered the project to completion.

In the video's premiere, Daspit's exciting music and the dramatic video at each end of the stadium built to a climax as the team took the field. The Hi-Ground video presentation shows the team, the stadium, and the surrounding Cleveland area in an accessible, but artistic visual style. Film footage of the Browns playing is integrated into the video along with Hi-Ground's motion graphics and Red One Camera work.

Won's vision for the piece was inspired by Sun Tzu's "The Art Of War." To realize the concept, Daspit infused the traditional orchestral sound with huge Chinese percussion, flutes, and string instruments like the Zhong Hu. "Composing a musical score to be played at full volume in a stadium atmosphere was inspiring. The piece needed to captivate the fans at every turn. It gave me freedom to get big with the sound, and also create contrast with exotic sonic textures," stated Daspit about his music.

Musician and composer Bob Daspit, recently added to the Hi-Ground team, has worked as a sound-designer and guitarist with today's leading composers including James Newton Howard and Danny Elfman who have both utilized Daspit's sound design skills in hit films such as Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Sixth Sense, A Civil Action, and Outbreak. Hans Zimmer favored Daspit's custom sounds and blistering guitar work on many films including Drop Zone, Point of No Return, Broken Arrow, The Rock, and The Fan. He has also played guitar on scores by Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell, and Michel Colombier. Daspit has produced, recorded, and mixed tracks for seven of Sammy Hagar's releases, written music for videogames including Spy Hunter, Mission Impossible: Operation Surma, Terminator: Dawn of Fate, and Terminator 3: The Redemption, and today is focusing on composing for a wide variety of media.

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