TiVo Is Newest Recruit for Netflix HD

December 10, 2008
TiVo has joined the ranks of digital-centric brands that will be able to tap into HD streaming content from Netflix. The DVR hardware/software firm—whose name has become somewhat synonymous with “to record”—will allow TiVo owners (and Netflix subscribers) access to a relatively tiny-but-growing list of HD content from Netflix.

Currently that HD menu of available titles is somewhere less than 400 out of about 1,200 Netflix titles that have thus far been digitized for downloading (and those 1,200 come from an overall catalog of some 95,000 titles currently available on standard DVD).

TiVo models compatible with Netflix will include its Series3, the TiVo HD, and the TiVo HD XL DVR.

Netflix HD streaming also was recently made possible for owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console (via Xbox Live), and various specially equipped Blu-ray players: LG’s BD300; Samsung’s BD-P2550; and Samsung’s BD-P2500.

Netflix, however, acknowledges that its HD streaming is not providing audio that is rudimentary for either 1080i or 720p, since it cannot yet provide 5.1 channel audio.

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