NEP Makes 'Whoopi' With HD

August 21, 2003
Pittsburgh-based NEP Supershooters L.P. is providing the technical facilities for the HD production of "Whoopi," a new NBC show being produced at the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens and the first HD sitcom to be shot in New York City.

Technical manager Sal Morreale is using the Sony Cine Alta Camera and Telecast Copper Head Fiber System, which consist of four cameras whose signals are returned to a central location via the Copper Head. This process gives a digital imaging technician full control over the four cameras.

The Copper Head also provides connectivity for additional audio and visual destinations. Video and Audio are recorded in high-definition on videotape in each camera. The audio system includes two mixers and boom operators and audio assistants on the stage floor. Audio from the boom microphones is recorded on a Tascam DA-88 digital multitracker recorder, in addition to the high-definition videotapes in the cameras.

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