MSTV Webcast on channel election/repacking Nov. 4

October 26, 2004
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Association of Maximum Service Television (MSTV) have scheduled an interactive Webcast on the DTV channel election and repacking process for Nov. 4, 2004. Although the Webcast is free, participants must pre-register. NAB's TV Today said details on registration would be released next week. The Webcast will feature experts from NAB and MSTV. In addition to channel election and repacking, the Webcast will cover station branding and identification, simulcasting, closed captioning, V-chips, hours of operation and other topics from the FCC's Second DTV Periodic Review Report and Order. Check the MSTV Web site for additional information.

The PowerPoint slides from the Oct. 19 DTV Channel Election and Repacking videoconference are now available online. The slides are in a PDF file and include an excellent explanation of the DTV transition timeline and new DTV PSIP requirements in the Second DTV Periodic Review Report and Order

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