DC Government Receives STA for 700 MHz NCR Broadband System

December 7, 2007
The FCC’s Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security this week approved the District of Columbia’s application to extend an experimental license for a regional wireless broadband network for 180 days.

The special temporary authority (STA) was granted for WE2XBK, which operates on the 770.625-771.875 MHz and 800.625-801.875 MHz band, (portions of TV channels 64 and 69, respectively). The original authority expired November 1, 2007.

In the Second Report and Order establishing rules in the 700 MHz band, the FCC consolidated narrowband public safety spectrum in the 769-775 MHz and 799-805 MHz bands and allocated 763-768 MHz and 793-799 MHz for broadband use under a single Public Safety Broadband License. The D.C. government coordinated its use of the narrowband spectrum with other members of the National Capital Region and obtained letters of support from the Regional Planning Committees of all surrounding regions.

While the FCC determined the STA was in the public interest, it stated, “DC’s operations, as a component of the NCR network, must ultimately be incorporated into the nationwide, interoperable broadband network, including operations conducted in the consolidated narrowband channels.” Refer to Order (DA 07-4850) for additional information.

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