‘Closing Escrow’ HD Film Nears Theater, Disc Release

July 18, 2007
Longtime HD Notebook readers may recall the periodic online blogs in this publication a year ago from the creators of the movie “Closing Escrow” as it was being produced in HD in the Los Angeles area.

The PG-rated comedy, a production of Magnolia Home Entertainment, has been featured in a few film festivals and will be released in select theaters in late August and on standard DVD in early September. The HD Notebook’s bloggers providing details of the entire project--from pre-production to post--included the film’s co-director, Armen Kaprelian, executive producer, Randall Dark (formerly of HD Vision Studios and now Randall Dark Productions in Los Angeles), and producer, Kristen Cox of 16x9 Productions in Los Angeles.

The movie satire on the real estate industry follows three quirky families seeking to purchase their next home and all winding up interested in the same house. It features, among others, Wendi McClendon-Covey and Cedric Yarbrough of the TV series “Reno 911.”

It’s not yet known when the HD title might be released on HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc, or both.

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