ATSC Seen as Good DTV Fit for Chile

March 30, 2007 has reported that Anatel, Chile's national television association, says that ATSC is the best terrestrial DTV standard for Chile. Chile currently uses NTSC for analog broadcasting; adopting the U.S. DTV standard, the article said, would make it 40 percent less expensive for broadcasters in Chile to switch to ATSC rather than the European DVB-T standard or Japan's ISDB-T standard. Anatel's president of technical matters, Roberto Plass told BNAmericas that ATSC also has better transmission coverage and uses less electricity.

See Anatel lobbies for ATSC as decision nears--Chile for details on why ATSC would be less expensive to implement in Chile. Mexico and Honduras have already selected the ATSC standard and Brazil has selected its own version of the Japanese ISDB-T standard.

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