August 10, 2011 TV Technology Online Index

August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011 TV Technology Online Index

Moving to ‘Green’ Storage, by Craig Johnston
Digital Outreach, by Claudia Kienzle
NAB: FCC Plan Would Kill Off 210 Full-Power Stations
Haivision Acquires KulaByte, MontiVision
CALM Standard Successor Published
The Evolution of Audio Monitoring, by Steve Harvey
Integrating Closed Captioning into File-Based Workflows, Claudia Kienzle
Weather Graphics Eye New Horizons, by Susan Ashworth
Digital Journal—Is DSLR Video User Friendly?, by Bill Hayes
When All Else Fails, SNG Still Delivers, by Joey Gill
Keeping Early Television’s Legacy Alive, by James O’Neal
Eye on Equipment: Fiber Isn’t Everywhere, by Wes Simpson

EDITORIAL: From the Technology Editor: Support Your Broadcast Museum, by James O’Neal
EDITORIAL: McAdams On: Exploding Musical Chairs, by Deborah D. McAdams
RF TECHNOLOGY: Looking Inside Mobile DTV Receivers, by Doug Lung
COUNT ON IT: Why? Because I Said So!, by John Footen
FOCUS ON EDITING: Keeping Work In-House With Smoke for Mac, by Jay Ankeney
TECHNOLOGY CORNER: So What About MPEG-4 Anyway?, by Randy Hoffner
LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY: Dynamic Range Isn’t Infinite, by Bill Klages
INSIDE AUDIO: Listening to Audio on a Laptop, by Dave Moulton

Panasonic AG-AF100 HD Camcorder, by Geoff Poister
Sorenson Squeeze 7, by Oliver Peters
1PrompterPro Software, by Michael Hanish
Anton/Bauer Dionic HCX Lithium-Ion Battery, by Carl Mrozek

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