HTML5 could at last force Apple to fall into line over online video standards

July 1, 2013

Only the most dominant market players can rule over whole ecosystems with their own proprietary standards, and in recent years Apple has been unique in doing so in the realm of online music. It has since sought to extend this hegemony across multimedia as a whole and reap the resulting commercial benefits.

But it is now looking like this strategy is beginning to unravel as online content distribution continues to evolve toward full broadcast quality.

A Personal Take on TV and Cinema Cameras at NAB

April 16, 2013

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes now, from GoPro HERO to Sony F65. But looking back, as performance improves, the prices have come down. Whether ENG, episodic drama, sports or regular TV, the choice available has never been wider.

Google screenwise project watches your web viewing habits

December 26, 2012

We all know how the internet tracks our every move. Every click, every link, everything we show interest in is analyzed and subjected to processing geared towards serving us more of what we want. At least that is the concept.

Europe better placed than U.S. to defend against cord cutting

December 18, 2012

Internet media and research group IDATE has just published a study suggesting that cord cutting will spread from the U.S. to Europe, arguing that the same market forces will apply there. It contends, therefore, that European pay TV operators should learn from their U.S. counterparts how to defend against OTT players, especially U.S. invaders like Netflix.

Flat Screen vs. Mobile Screen: App Use Catching Up With Television

December 17, 2012

Flurry Analytics has released a new study which shows some surprising numbers and really signifies the fate of standard televisions in this new digital and portable age. The writing may be on the wall, but its going to be almost certain that television will adapt rather than stand by.

Dyle Launch: MetroPCS ships Samsung Lightray smartphone with live mobile TV

August 7, 2012

Dyle, the initiative to incorporate live TV chipsets into mobile devices, is finally in launch mode as of this week. The country’s fifth largest phone carrier, MetroPCS, added to its wide array of options with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray. This is notable because this is a smartphone that actually has live TV built-in. Will consumers adapt to this new breed of phones with built-in tuners? MetroPCS and Samsung, along with Dyle, are betting on it.

WealthTV Adds HD Broadcast Service for Asia Powered by Envivio

July 11, 2012

Envivio Muse™ iTV used for distribution of HD broadcast services South San Francisco, CALIF., July 11, 2012 – Envivio (NASDAQ: ENVI), a leading provider of live and on-demand multi-screen IP video processing and delivery solutions, today ...

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