T.A. takes step on 800MHz band reconfiguration

The 800MHz Transition Administrator (T.A.) Jan. 6 issued instructions to Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio Systems (ESMRS) using cellular-type systems in the 800MHz, a sign the sweeping FCC mandated band reconfiguration is advancing.

Broadcasters have an interest in the plan because a part of the sweeping spectrum swap will affect some existing users of the broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) spectrum. Under the plan, Nextel would pay the expense of relocating the BAS incumbents in the 800MHz band.

The T.A. instructed the ESMRS users that they must:

  • Relocate all of their systems in a market into the new ESMR portion of the 800MHz band, or
  • Relocate their systems as close as possible to the new ESMR band but remain in the non-cellular portion of the band operating on a strict non-interference basis, or
  • Remain on their current channels on a strict non-interference basis.

The next milestone in the 800MHz reconfiguration is Jan. 31 when the master plan from the T.A. is due to the commission. Nextel faces a Feb. 7 deadline for accepting or rejecting the reconfiguration plan.

The 800MHz T.A. is an independent entity selected by 800MHz stakeholders, whose selection the FCC concurred with Oct. 29, 2004. The FCC has charged it with administering the 800MHz reconfiguration.

For more information, visit www.800MHz.gov and www.800TA.org.

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