Sennheiser RF makes the FOX NFL team

New York-based CP Communications worked directly with the manufacturer to create wireless packages for on-field audio.
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The Sennheiser A5000 CP helical antenna is part of the custom system Fox Sports is using for this season’s NFL football coverage.

CP Communications, a rental firm for production communications equipment and services, has delivered eight custom Sennheiser wireless systems to the FOX Network for use on NFL game broadcasts. Each package includes a custom EM 1046 modular multichannel receiver, SKM 5200 handheld transmitters outfitted with the Command Channel option, custom SK 250 body-pack transmitters and the recently introduced A5000 CP antenna.

The equipment specialists at CP worked directly with Sennheiser USA for a workable, flexible wireless solution. Sennheiser responded by supplying receiver modules modified with an expanded 36MHz frequency range to ensure sufficient open channels in the most crowded RF environment. Virtually identical packages were created for each broadcast team, which uses them for sideline reporting and on-field audio pickup.

CP Communications also ordered SKM 5200 handheld microphones with the Command Channel option, which allow the on-camera talent to speak to a producer by using a switch-activated “private” channel to re-route the audio.

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