Sennheiser announces new MKH 800 Twin microphone

Sennheiser is introducing its new MKH 800 Twin microphone at NAB2008. The new microphone can offer polar pattern-switching after the recording session.

According to the firm, the MKH 800 Twin can be thought of as a multipattern microphone without the pattern switches. The Twin is equipped with both front and back capsule outputs. In a standard multipattern mic like the MKH 800 base model, the pattern of the mic is derived by adding and subtracting the back capsule. Thanks to the MKH 800 Twin’s dual outputs, recordists can simply plug both of these capsules into a DAW or recorder and create the pattern desired during mix-down.

The MKH 800 Twin features low self-noise, a wide frequency response, extremely low distortion and full sonic accuracy, making it an excellent choice for critical recording sessions. It is expected to be available by the end of this month.

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