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RF Shorts - July 6, 2012

Ofcom Asked to Act on 4G TV Interference, in a posting by Oliver Folkard, reports Ofcom needs to act on 4G TV interference, says Labour. Helen Goodman, the Shadow Minister for Media, called on Ofcom to clarify is position on the UK's 4G broadband interference problem, which could affect up to two million households. She stated, “At the moment it is unclear whether the government will compensate people affected or expect the industry to do so. There is a real danger that unless urgent action is taken millions of viewers will see their Freeview services disrupted. This would be completely unacceptable.” Offers Details on Google Glass Skydive Demo 

On Joe Orlin describes How Google Pulled Off Their Live Video Skydiving With Glasses Demo. In case you were wondering how Google got the video from the skydiver back to the ground, this what Orlin reports. “One big technology hurdle was connectivity, which was needed to get the live video signal. It’s not easy to get Internet bandwidth for a skydive nearly a mile up in the air. It’s too high for cell coverage and regular WiFi isn’t reliable enough. Google says their team tried several approaches. They tested using a wok (that’s not the name of a special antenna, they are talking about the cooking tool) with a mifi 4G LTE hotspot connected to it. But that wasn’t used during the live demo. Google hasn’t revealed what their solution was, but they say it was very much cheaper than high-end professional equipment.”

Do any RF Report readers have more information on Google's solution?