OMVC, Harris, Rentrak study consumer usage in U.S. capital

The Washington, D.C., Mobile DTV Consumer Showcase will offer up a great chance to observe mobile TV consumer behavior with a rich array of programming, and the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) has teamed up with Harris Interactive and Rentrak to do just that.

Eight D.C.-area TV stations will transmit up to 20 channels of free and premium broadcast TV programming to hundreds of local users’ ATSC-M/H devices including netbooks, cell phones, accessory WiFi receivers and portable DVD players equipped with new ATSC-M/H receivers. Applications to be tested include favorite live, local TV programs, interactive broadcasts made possible by the new mobile DTV standard, and emergency alerts. The OMVC plans to evaluate quantitative and qualitative usage for each platform.

The Consumer Showcase's purpose is to identify what factors motivate greater usage of mobile DTV, early adoption, tolerance for pay services, interactive services and usage patterns, and to also learn more about the core qualitative aspects of the user experience from preadoption to post-usage. OMVC, Harris Interactive and Rentrak will use Harris's Early Adopter Community and Rentrak's Mobile Essentials service during the spring and summer to measure and perform a detailed analysis of consumer-viewing trend patterns. The team will study such key metrics as most active parts of the day, length of viewer engagement and what content genres are most compelling and frequently viewed.