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OET asks for comment on Google TV-band database test

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology announced May 29 that it is seeking comment on the 45-day public trial of Google’s TV bands database. The trial, which was announced March 4 and began March 11, was completed on April 17.

The trial gave the public the opportunity to test the Google database system to make sure it properly identifies channels that are available for unlicensed TV bands devices. The trial also allowed the public to ascertain if the database properly registers facilities entitled to protection and provides protection to authorized services and registered facilities.

Responses for the public were submitted to Google, which compiled and submitted to OET a summary report. Once the OET has determined the database complies with all appropriate FCC rules and requirements, it will grant the company approval to operate the database with certified white space devices, OET said in a public notice.

OET will grant final approval for Google to operate its database system with certified TV bands devices once it determines that the system complies with all of the applicable rules and requirements. The public will be informed of such decision through a Public Notice.

The report provides a log of comments from the public and responses from Google made online throughout the test. They range from: “I tried the white space app…. The database result shows 3 channels (22, 23, 24) of available white space. This greatly concerns me since I’m receiving KRCB (channel 23, virtual channel 22) with a roof mounted antenna. I’m afraid that if the database is not corrected, I’m going to loose (sic) one of the few stations actually worth watching….” to: “How will rural TV viewers in deep fringe areas out pass (sic) the grade B contour areas get protection for fringe signals….”

OET is asking that those interested in the trial and report file their comments by June 13. Reply comments are due June 20.