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High-level production values keep "The Voice" strong

“The Voice” is getting a lot of attention; the high-octane content of its judges and aspiring stars are the primary reasons that this NBC Universal series has garnered enviable ratings.

Production values are another key ingredient to the show’s success, and recording engineers Randy Faustino and Tim Hatayama play a critical role. Both mixers make liberal use of TC Electronic plug-ins.

“For each season of "The Voice," we record between 100 and 150 artists during the pre-turnaround sessions,” Faustino explains, “using a 96-track Avid Pro Tools rig equipped with TC Electronic CL1B, Non Lin 2, DVR2 and VSS3 dynamics and reverb plug-ins that make our life a whole lot easier during tracking and remix.

"Tim and I have set up a number of multichannel templates that we use to drop compression and ambience settings on the vocals and instrumental tracks. It’s a process that lets us focus on creative mixing while recalling system settings at the press of a button; we can be up and running in just a few minutes for each session.”

The duo also handles music mixing for the show’s live weekly contest broadcasts.

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