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Harris to show working DVB-H system at NAB2005

The Harris Single Frequency Network (SFN) adapter will be used as part of the DVB-H demonstration.

The Harris Broadcast Communications Division will feature a live, end-to-end DVB-H demonstration in its booth during NAB2005.

The Harris products offer a complete solution that will allow both domestic and international broadcasters to create content, move it through the production chain and deliver it to mobile devices, such as cellular phones and similar devices. The content will represent typical live broadcast television programming as opposed to the short video clips that are the current standard in mobile video.

The demonstration will feature UDcast’s multi-protocol encapsulator for data insertion, Harris’ fully DVB-H compatible Synchrony SFN (Single Frequency Network) adapter and Harris’ fully DVB-H compliant Atlas DTV660 transmitter.

For more information, visit booths C1907, C3607A or visit

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