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Genesis back catalog remastered in 5.1

In a project lasting nearly three years, engineer Nick Davis has completed the remastering of the entire Genesis back catalog in 5.1. Working with the band members to varying degrees, Davis employed an eclectic mix of classic and modern gear to retain the root style of the original recordings.

For processing, Davis minimized the amount of digital processing, opting for a host of analog gear including a Focusrite ISA215 equalizer. In addition, he used a Liquid Mix for use in some of the more unusual areas of the project, including poorly recorded interviews from the band's early days.

Nick Davis started his career as a tape operator in 1983, recording early demos with Tears For Fears for Polygram, and later moving to Air Studios and then Westside where he became chief engineer. After going freelance, he engineered Mike And The Mechanics' "The Living Years LP," which was the start of his long relationship with Genesis.

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