Enforcement Bureau extends EAS deadline for some small cable operators

The FCC Enforcement Bureau extended the March 1 deadline for about 50 smaller cable companies to meet requirements to participate in the Emergency Alert System until June 30.

The bureau granted the extension on EAS waivers until June 30 to give it enough time to review their waiver requests.

The bureau gave another group of eight small cable companies until April 15 to correct their filings to include all of the required information to request an EAS waiver. Without the correction, the eight must comply with commission EAS rules by June 30.

In 1997, the FCC extended the deadline for EAS compliance for cable operators serving fewer than 10,000 subscribers to Oct. 1, 2002. After a series of extensions, the last extension was set to expire on March 1, 2006. Fifty-six operators filed a request for an extension beyond the deadline. The commission originally adopted rules requiring cable companies to comply with EAS requirements in 1994.

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