Electro-Voice introduces PolarChoice RF boundary mic

The new PolarChoice boundary satellite wireless microphone from brings the benefits of wireless to the boardroom, conference center, or podium. Essentially, the PolarChoice is a freestanding boundary style microphone in an elegantly designed base that provides space for a wireless transmitter. The specially designed compartment houses any of several Telex or Electro-Voice bodypack transmitters.

Operation is simple. First, the microphone is connected to the bodypack, then the wireless channel is set. Finally, the PolarChoice is simply set down anywhere a microphone is required. It is no longer necessary to cut holes in tables, run long cables, or compromise the architectural integrity of an installation. Bodypacks accommodated include the RE-1, RE-2, FMR-1000 and SAFE-1000. (Wireless systems are sold separately.)

The first in a new series of new PolarChoice boundary microphones, the PC-Boundary-Sat includes four selectable polar patterns. The half-omni, half-cardioid, half-supercardioid and half- figure-eight patterns allow the user to configure the pickup pattern to match the application, maximizing audio quality and minimizing the potential for feedback. Additional features include a programmable on/off switch and blue LED status light.

For more information, please visit www.electrovoice.com.