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DTV ancillary service report due

Television licensees broadcasting a digital signal had until yesterday to file a report with the FCC to inform the commission on whether or not they’ve delivered ancillary or supplemental services during the 12 month period beginning Oct. 1, 2004, according to a statement from the Media Bureau.

Every year, commercial and noncommercial TV licensees transmitting digitally must remit a fee to the FCC of 5 percent of gross revenues derived from all ancillary or supplementary services. FCC rules also require the report.

If TV broadcasters have earned such income, the report must include:

  • A description of services provided;
  • Which services were feeable ancillary or supplementary services;
  • Whether any services were not subject to a fee;
  • Gross revenue received from the services during the period;
  • The amount of bitstream used to deliver services during the period.

According to the Media Bureau, commission rules state that failure to file the report, regardless of whether fee generating ancillary services were offered, may result in sanctions.

Commercial and noncommercial DTV licensees that have provided feeable services must also file the standard remittance Form 159 certifying the amount of gross revenues received from feeable ancillary or supplementary services for the previous 12 months, ending September 30, 2005, and remitting payment of the required fee.

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