Crawford chooses Spectra Logic T-Series libraries for data protection

Crawford Communications chose Spectra Logic's T950 and T50 tape libraries to store steadily increasing digital assets for a particular client. Over the past 18 months, the large, privately-held broadcast organization experienced an enormous increase in data, from 500TB to 2PB in just 18 months. Storage and broadcast analyst Tom Coughlin projects the broadcast market digital storage demand will increase by more than 2.4 times between 2006 and 2008 to more than 1000PB.

Crawford monitors and manages both libraries using Spectra's secure Remote Library Controller (RLC), which displays all library management functions through a Web login. With RLC, the storage administrator has a constant view of Spectra libraries enabling them to manage the storage easily from anywhere.

Crawford uses LTO-3 tapes and drives to accommodate large amounts of broadcast digital data. Crawford originally had tapes in multiple formats in its library and transitioned to digital format to conserve space, with Spectra Logic libraries. Crawford plans to add additional Spectra Logic products as their data requirements grow.

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