Channel branding is everywhere

Automation Update caught up with Richard Brice, newly appointed to head up Miranda Asia, at BroadcastAsia2006. Miranda is known for three main product groups: multi-image displays, master control and modular interfacing. A theme of automation runs throughout its product line. The first two fall very much within the playout automation arena, with iControl facility management adding a control layer to automation.

Brice talked about the Miranda approach to selling systems for master control: “To sell channel branding to a broadcaster, you talk about the look they want on air.” A common problem with vendors is to confuse the equipment with the end result. Broadcasters have an idea of the look they want, they have a corporate image, and they watch their competitors to see what they are doing. Brice takes the view that the way to achieve the look is to work with the broadcaster to select the mix of equipment that will achieve the look it is trying to achieve.

Multiviewers have transformed master control. The total flexibility for monitoring means that operators can more effectively control more channels. Add iControl, and you can have monitoring by exception. This frees the operators from having to constantly scan correctly functioning channels and can aid locating system faults. The multiviewer can be controlled from the master control panel to give a context-aware display configuration.

Miranda recently acquired VertigoXmedia. So, how does that fit with Miranda? “Very much, channel branding is everywhere,” Brice said. He went on to explain how the need to stand out from competitors applies equally across the globe. The increasing coverage of satellite TV and the spread of alternate delivery channels like IPTV means that Miranda’s potential customers see the look of their channel as of the utmost importance.

VertigoXmedia adds automated graphics software, strengthening the company’s channel branding capability. The data-driven templated graphics add to the sophistication that can be achieved for the on-air look. Brice added that all the screen real estate was up for grabs. “You can even sell crawls as advertising space,” he said.

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