BFE to build self-operational studio for Swiss broadcaster RTSI

BFE Studio und Medien Systeme will design, deliver and install a turnkey system solution for RTSI, a division of SRG SSR idée Suisse. RTSI is the public broadcaster for the Italian-speaking sector of Switzerland.

The challenge for BFE’s design engineers is to create a mobile SD studio that may be used by presenters alone, without support from technicians (a “self-operational studio”).

Guests and presenters are shot by Sony 16:9 SD cameras DXC-D55WSPL mounted on ToUcam camera robotics. The presenters are able to control these cameras without a cameraman. Camera signals run into a 32 x 32 SD video router, which is controlled by BFE’s control system KSC, and a Sony DFS-800 production switcher feeds BFE’s under-monitor displays (UMD) and handles all GPI/O traffic. The Omneon MediaDeck is used as the ingest- and playout server. Studer’s OnAir 3000 Modulo audio mixer manages all audio sources.

A PixelPower font generator Clarity fades in text, logos, graphics, etc. The turnkey concept also includes delivering the required studio furniture, the monitor wall and the equipment racks completely manufactured at BFE’s premises in Mainz, Germany.

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