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Belo to go full power at four DTV stations with Harris Sigma CD transmitters

The new Sigma CD DTV transmitters range from 30kW to 60kW.

Belo, headquartered in Dallas, has purchased four Harris Sigma CD UHF DTV transmitters to upgrade TV stations to full power in Austin, TX, (KVUE-TV); San Antonio, TX, (KENS-TV); Tucson, AZ, (KMSB-TV); and Spokane, WA (KREM-TV).

With the purchase, Belo has raised the total number of Harris transmitters it owns to 44 among its 19 full-power stations and one Belo-managed low-power station. Belo is an early adopter of digital television, beginning with its flagship station WFAA-TV in Dallas in February 1998, which became the first VHF station in the United States to transmit a digital signal on a permanent basis.

The new Sigma CD DTV transmitters, ranging from 30kW to 60kW, will replace lower power Harris Diamond CD solid-state UHF transmitters at all four stations. The new transmitters will be delivered in February 2005 and provide digital over-the-air signals in time for the July 1, 2005, FCC full-power deadline for DTV transmission. Belo also is installing a Harris ReCon control and monitoring system to connect resources among all of its 19 full-power stations. The ReCon installation provides remote capabilities to study transmitter health and pinpoint and diagnose problems regardless of the engineer's location. The central server will be based in Dallas.

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