APT demonstrates solution to RF spectrum threat

The apt-X Live coding technology is offered for licensing to provide high-bandwidth audio for wireless microphone applications.
The apt-X Live coding algorithm shows promise in providing high-bandwidth digital audio over wireless links.

At the recent AES show, APT demonstrated its apt-X Live coding technology, said to offer digital wireless audio quality that is indistinguishable from today’s professional RF systems. The apt-X Live algorithm offers compression ratios of up to 8:1 and offers very low latency, with a 48kHz sampling rate and 24-bit audio compression. The algorithm offers maximum channel density in the available frequency while maintaining acoustic integrity and ensuring a latency of 1.9m/s.

Primary features also include techniques that aid connection in situations with high bit error rates; optimization that ensures the algorithm takes up limited resources and less than 10KB of program and data memory; and delay that is fixed at 1.9m/s for full end-to-end encode/decode.

For more information, visit www.aptx.com.