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Wireless home HD connectivity approaches

One more impediment to simplified home HD setup seems poised to topple with two separate announcements on the home wireless connectivity front.

On March 28, the Bluetooth SIG announced its selection of the WiMedia Alliance multiband orthogonal frequency division-multiplexing (MB-OFDM) version of ultra-wideband (UWB) for integration with current Bluetooth wireless technology. The move is the next step in its plan to create a version of Bluetooth wireless technology with a high speed/high data rate option.

This new version of Bluetooth technology will meet the high-speed demands of synchronizing and transferring large amounts of data and enabling high-quality video and audio applications for portable devices, multimedia projectors and television sets.

The Bluetooth SIG and the WiMedia Alliance will help UWB achieve global regulatory acceptance. Both have agreed to develop a high speed, high data rate Bluetooth solution that uses the unlicensed radio spectrum above 6GHz.

Separately, wireless and wireline broadband communication silicon provider Metalink has announced it will demonstrate its WLANPlus chipset at The National Show (NCTA) in Atlanta, GA, this month. The company will demonstrate delivery of HDTV over a wireless LAN, at wire line quality.

According to the company, its WLANPlus family of products, which includes a baseband device and radio frequency integrated circuit, can deliver multiple HDTV streams to any location within 1000ft while maintaining full quality of service.

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