Which Towers Make the Most Noise?

TV Technology sent me a question from a reader that I'm having a difficult time answering. The question comes from one of the broadcasters in Bend Ore. involved in the tower dispute. He asked, "What type of tower generates more wind noise, a guyed tower or a free standing one?" While he did not specify the height, the bend.com article indicated the towers ranged from 140 to 350 feet in height.

Tower noise has never caught my attention, perhaps due to the much louder noise around the transmitter room from cooling fans and pumps. Let me know what your experience is and I'll tally the results and report them here to help not only the Bend Oregon broadcasters, but others broadcasters that want to be good neighbors. If you can help, send your answer to TV Technology tvtech@imaspub.com or directly to me at dlung@transmitter.com.