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WGBH to Demonstrate Mobile EAS on Monday

BOSTON: Public broadcaster WGBH in Boston intends to test the mobile emergency alert system on Monday, the station said today.

“WGBH will demonstrate to state and local emergency management officials the use of mobile digital TV as the next-generation technology for alerting the public during natural and other emergencies,” the station said.

WGBH said it would send “detailed tornado emergency information to handheld devices.” The platform will be able to deliver text, video, audio, maps and photos to mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops using the mobile DTV standard ATSC M/H. It will work in conjunction with fixed EAS.

The PBS member station is one of four across the nation recruited to test mobile EAS using ATSC M/H. KLVX in Las Vegas, Nev.; WBIQ in Birmingham and WAIQ in Montgomery, Ala., are also test beds. The pilot program was announced at last year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. Participating stations were announced last November. (See “Four PBS Stations Named to Run Mobile DTV Emergency Alert Pilot Test.”) The Corp. for Public Broadcasting and LG Electronics, a primary manufacturer of mobile DTV receivers, are funding the program.

WGBH will become the first to test the system at 10:30 a.m. EST on March 5.