Washington, D.C., PBS station to get new master control suite with Burst

Systems integrator Burst will design and implement a technical the master control system at WHUT-TV, the PBS station in Washington, D.C., owned and operated by and located on the campus of Howard University. The station airs a variety of standard PBS programming as well as programs produced by WHUT.

The system — now under construction — will be installed in the existing WHUT facility with minimal interruption to the station’s present broadcasting schedule. The project includes the design of a new automated and server-based digital master control system, technical core and future digital production facilities that will allow WHUT to migrate from analog to digital equipment in a multiphase approach.

The new facilities will be designed to meet the station’s current requirements and include lots of room to grow. It will allow the station to incorporate future digital production facilities and master control systems, including HDTV systems, as necessary.

The new system, when complete in the spring of 2008, will include full automation and multichannel capability for SD programs and HD program playout. Burst’s engineers will also accommodate storage systems for program material consistent with PBS scheduling and converting the existing tape-based archive to digital.

For more information, visit www.burstvideo.com.