vsn and Omneon Help Launch a New UTV Channel in India

UTV Global Broadcasting Ltd (UGBL) is in the process of launching a bouquet of channels, including UTV Movies, a 24-hour Hindi movie channel.

Launched on February 24, UTV Movies will use vsnmulticom from vsn as the main tool to manage and automate the Master Control of the new channel. The vsn solution has been installed in a fully redundant architecture and is managing a total of 8 channels (for ingest and playout) of an Omneon Spectrum videoserver, along with a ProBel Sirius router (96x96), a second ProBel Freeway (32-port), an Eyeheight master switcher, and other devices.

The robustness and stability of the previous 2 vsn systems featuring similar configuration at Zoom TV and Star News (both also in India) were key in the process of decision. The integration and commission was awarded to Ideal Systems Asia Pacific.