Updates: Pembroke Park Transmitter Site Injury and Lookout Mountain

In my reference last week to a Miami Herald article saying a TV technician was burned by a TV transmitter in Pembroke Park, Fla., Steve Hastings sent me an e-mail with additional information. He noted that the tower and buildings, except for the Trinity Broadcasting building, are owned and operated by American Tower. The technician that was injured was working for Clear Channel and was burned working on a 480-volt step down transformer.

In response to my article on the Colorado State University study on the impact of RF exposure to residents living near the Lookout Mountain broadcast site, Julie Ann Courim wrote to say, "For clarification, the person being quoted criticizing the CSU study, Robert Weller, is the RF engineer from Hammett and Edison used by the Lake Cedar Group in the 1999 rezoning attempt." She said Weller told the FCC and Jefferson County that Lookout Mountain "was within the RF limits" when, she states, "in fact Lookout Mountain was over the RF limits." For more information, see the new Web site she and a small group of Lookout Mountain residents created: www.HDTVhonestly.com.