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Updates Made to DTV Chanel Election/Agreement Spreadsheets

Ron Brown at the Victory Television Network alerted me to some issues with the negotiated DTV channel agreement spreadsheet I posted last week. I completely revised the format of the spreadsheet so that it is easier to identify which stations are involved in each agreement. I also discovered the spreadsheet showing FCC Form 381 and 382 filings included many duplicate and contradictory channel election listings. Further research showed this was because all Form 382 filings, even those that were superseded, were included in the dtv_transition.dat database. I manually deleted the old applications and also added the application_id number to the spreadsheet. This should make it easier to identify any old filings I may have missed. The revised Excel spreadsheets containing DTV channel election and negotiated channel agreement filings based on the FCC CDBS Feb. 23, 2005 data can be downloaded from