University of Oklahoma streams with ViewCast Niagara Pro II

The University of Oklahoma has selected a Niagara Pro II streaming media appliance from ViewCast to support the delivery of media at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The college is the center for journalism, strategic communication and electronic media training at the university. It also supports studies in electronic media that engage students desiring to work in television, Internet media and news.

The ViewCast Niagara Pro II was selected to simultaneously deliver Adobe Flash content to the university’s OUTV Web users and Windows Media content to AT&T U-verse users through a single interface.

Digital media is playing an increasing role within today’s higher-education instruction and communication initiatives, but educational institutions are challenged to simplify the delivery and keep costs down. ViewCast said its technology was designed to reflect that mandate.

The Niagara Pro II offers powerful processors and large memory capacity, taking professional streaming to the next level. With its two independent channels, the device allows users to capture SDI video and encode multiple full-resolution (D1) streams.

It encodes, streams and archives professional grade digital video and audio, and provides simultaneous streaming in multiple resolutions at multiple data rates in multiple streaming formats, including Windows Media, Adobe Flash and 3GPP mobile formats.