U.K.: BSkyB Eyes 3D

CES in Las Vegas was not the only hotspot in the world this month where 3D was hot stuff.

In the United Kingdom, satellite firm BSkyB said it's already run some of its own 3D experiments (presumably including 3D HD), and is now following up on some of its recent trials which involve mostly sporting events (some of them live) such as rugby, soccer and boxing.

Sky, as the Rupert Murdoch-owned DBS service is known in Europe, said it can now deliver high-quality 3D stereoscopic images to a standard Sky HD set-top box and a Hyundai 3D receiver.

The next test phase for Sky, according to a company executive, is to invest some money and work with other “potential televisual subjects” such as theater, music and ballet—as well as some content-basic "talking head" shows, according to the U.K-based Web site Rapid TV News.

The 3D method that Sky is studying, as with virtually all other systems now undergoing testing elsewhere, require inexpensive special glasses.

Europe was a bit late to the table on HD (in favor of digital SD) and is still playing some catch-up. So no real-world rollout of 3D is being planned for Sky subscribers anytime in the foreseeable future.

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