Two More Stations Request Early Analog Shutdown

The FCC Media Bureau has received a request from two stations to end analog transmissions early. KWDK in Tacoma, Wash., and WACX in Leesburg, Fla., both noncommercial stations, have asked the commission to allow them to go digital only.

KWDK, licensed by Puget Sound Educational TV, is broadcasting in analog on Channel 56 and in digital on Channel 42. WACX, licensed by the Associated Christian Television System, broadcasts on Channel 55 in analog and on Channel 40 in digital. In both cases, Qualcomm has licensed spectrum at or adjacent to the stations' analog assignment. Allowing the stations to go all-digital would mean that Qualcomm could launch its MediaFLO cell phone TV network in those markets without having to protect the broadcasters from interference.

So far, four television stations have shut down analog broadcasting.